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The HiBy R3; The New Double Dac R3 PRO on Sale Now !!!

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by CactusPete23, Feb 14, 2018.
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  1. Vimtoman
    IEM's by fiio. HBB seems to reckon them so may go for them and off load my others.
  2. FridgeMagnet
  3. FridgeMagnet
    As well both Headphonia & Headphonics have good reviews on them ...
  4. FridgeMagnet
  5. Deaj
    The initial shipping notice for my R3 arrived in email on June 17 and, until this morning, the tracking status remained at 'Shipping Information Received'. This morning I received a SMS notification from DHL stating that they have the package, and are expecting to deliver it to me in three days time. Estimated delivery date is this coming Tuesday, July 3rd.

    DHL tracking details indicate that the package arrived in Hong Kong from the shipping agency, was processed, and has departed DHL's Hong Kong facility, all within the past 6 hours or so.

    For reference,- I ordered a Black R3, with a leather case. I am backer # 1561
    Last edited: Jun 30, 2018
  6. Wickham
    How did you contact DHL Hong Kong? I'd like to give that a try.
  7. Wickham
    I'm quite happy with the F9 Pro, but equally happy with the 1More Triple Driver. Less happy with Creative Aurvana, but they're not really burned in yet.
  8. FridgeMagnet
    Yes the 1MTD is supposed to be quite good for the $ as well.
    Have a friend that works in retail sell both & got to try them as well as they’re into iem [as I’m not] & they thought the F 9Pro edged them out but I think the F9Pro are a bit more $ as well.
    As well always depends on personal tastes & preference for sq fit & comfort etc vs $.

    So you’re a better judge than on on that...

    Did you receive ur R3 yet? If so thoughts?
  9. oneula
    Right now I'm listening to streaming Tidal off my home wifi (Spectrum/HI) using my new Audioquest Night Owls after burning the Night Owls in for a week straight.
    A very nice match for sure, I am happy the headphones cost me way more than the player.
    I thought tmy Sennheiser 6xx and Beyerdynamic 770Pros were quiet and comfortable but the Night Owls beat them both in comfort, isolation (noisy air room air conditioner) and sound
    My Massdrop HiFi Mans 4xx are on their way so that will be another great headphone to test the R3 with

    Need to spend time going through my favorite albums and although I respect the comments from others, I just don't get many of them.
    Those that didn't get theirs yet or got a bricked one I can understand their frustration but those demanding more than what I have in front of me for the price we all paid for it are just asking for too much.
    Maybe if this was a $700-$1500 device I would be upset but for $189 USD you get allot compared to what else is out there at this price point especially with balanced out.

    I'm still having to use a Microfiber cloth and stylus to keep the screen fingerprint free which is my only complaint

    I have a near $700 Revamp Acoustics rig coming soon that doesn't have a screen, no Tidal, no balanced out and doesn't play all the formats nor have all the controls the R3 has lets see how much better it sounds than the R3
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  10. FridgeMagnet
    I agree with you on them, I got the NightHawks & as you say v g isolation, excellent sound & feather like comfort, might be the most comfortable :) I have or have worn & im sure it’s down to not just the type of pads they’ve made & use but the large semi circle steel band that supports them almost hovering over your melon!

    They definitely need some burn in or at lest I did a couple weeks I think but they certainly need to be worn & listened to for a while to hear how different they sound vs others out there, very enjoyable listening for sure.

    Will be getting them into rotation for a good listen along with my others after I burn the R3 in for a week or two...

    Glad you found your match Made in Heaven:):beer::palm_tree::island::palm_tree:
  11. oneula

    OMG that top strap on the Night Owls...
    its the secret sauce in comfort
    never felt anything like it comfort wise
    the pleather pads can get a little hot here in HI
    but the sound wow, just wow

    nothing annoying sticking in my ear canal to distract from the sound
    I guess that's why I prefer the VE Zens in balanced mode versus any of the IEMs I tried
    But man, you can't beat over the ears with plush pads for an experience
    If I lived in a sealed quiet place I'd go for my openback phones

    right now grooving to the cowbells in Hugh Maskela's Grazing in the Grass from Tidal's Essential series
    More cowbell !
  12. FridgeMagnet

    That track Is A CLASSIC, Love It.!!!
    & Yes you’re spot on that’s Bruce on Cowbell.!:L3000:

    Absolutely comfort is the operative word with these.
    I’ve found with the pads starting to warm up I just lift them off my ears for a few seconds to vent & good to go, although it’s not hot & humid where I live & listen.
  13. capnjack
    Track your shipping # on dhl via the link from the HiBy “shipped” email, then if you look at the bottom left corner of the page you’ll see a contact us link, I clicked on express shipping and selected to contact DHL HK. I hope this will be of some help.
  14. Vimtoman
  15. FridgeMagnet

    Ic, well ok you’re ahead of me on these & other iem’s, as I said I don’t use them but some friends do, not these iem’s that is.

    Curious as to why would like to go down in likely sq from the F9 Pro’s to the FH5 if they slotbin between.
    As I know nothing of them wondering why you’ll want to add another lesser pair from the same company as I’ve seen others in those price ranges that possibly would satisfy more.
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