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The HiBy R3; The New Double Dac R3 PRO on Sale Now !!!

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by CactusPete23, Feb 14, 2018.
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  1. Notrix
    I called DHL this morning to check on the status of my shipment. I was told the reason there hasn’t been any movement is because the package hasn’t been delivered to DHL from the shipper. I was also told that from HK it’s usually a 3 day shipping time to the US. My question to @Joe Bloggs is why hasn’t the package been delivered to DHL? It’s been 10 days! If HiBy is saying the packages have been shipped, and DHL has no record of receiving the package, shouldn’t someone investigate this matter?
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  2. mykupyku
    yes, I've got the same Tidal problems - some albums or songs do not open - "load failed" or "tap to subscribe". But the same songs or albums I can play when find them in search query or playing into playlists.

    And the time - it's always changing to China time zone...
  3. turkayguner
    I have a few issues with R3.

    1. I cannot play any songs via Tidal. If I was able to manually enter a DNS in wireless setup of R3, I could have fixed it. There is no manual DNS option in my wireless router setup.
    2. I cannot log on to the internet at work. Because it requires me to enter username and pass after connection. There is no pop-up or anything on R3. It just says connection failed.
    3. I cannot use any public wi-fi hotspots. Free wireless connection at coffee houses etc. calls a webpage for the authentication. But R3 just says connection failed.
    4. When wi-fi is on I can hear some RFI noise mostly on the left channel if there is nothing playing. I can hear it with only Shure SE846 though.
    5. Even if the in-line remote option is checked, I cannot use my RHA MA750i's remote.

    Overall I am satisfied with the sound and offline capabilities. Display is just beautiful no need to comment on that.
  4. Python002
    I'm thinking they are stalling, they can't be this incompetent
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  5. Notrix
    Holding the package for the leather case, perhaps?
  6. Python002
    That's the only thing I can think of. I cant figure out why they say they shipped all the black ones out and then send me a worthless tracking number almost 10 days ago. I only bought this because of the feedback on the r6 thread that seemed to run reasonably well. I just hope product works better than the people handleing everything on their end.
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  7. capnjack
    Does a cheap mojo exist? I don’t think I’ve seen even a slightly discounted one yet!
  8. Notrix
    The R6 is awesome. It’s the reason I wanted the R3, to be honest. The sound, craftsmanship. Everything about it, including the shipping which was lightening fast, is top notch. The R3 will fit my On The Go needs perfectly. Which is why I can’t wait to possess it.
  9. Brian Martin
    1. For those who are waiting mine arrived yesterday here in Florida.
    2. Is anyone using a 50gb or larger micro SD card? If so what size, brand, and how did you format it?
    This will be the latest in a series of ignorant posts, as other than my iPod classic this is new ground for me. So thanks in advance
  10. mikp
    I also got the time zone hk bug, but the wifi transfer and delete is very handy. Is there any alternative tempered glass that is maybe not that long? the curved glass makes it lift at the bottom.

    Used it for a couple of hours but maybe if you tap on the playing indicator it goes to the album view?
    And heres hoping ldac coming, counting 3 months or so.

    regarding no update on track number, I first waited 8 days then returned to sender. Then 5-6 days for new number to be activated and it was delivered in 1 day to Europe.

    Time to finally box up the crappy 1st gen ap60

    Seems joe mentioned 15k file limit, hope this is changed to 30k
    Last edited: Jun 29, 2018
  11. poprivet
    Put a brand new 128GB Samsung in mine a few days ago. Seems to be fine. Came already formatted as FAT32 & worked out of the 'box'
  12. briantf
    I also just called DHL and was told the same thing. They said my packaged was supposed to be picked up by DHL on the 26th, but the package wasn't ready for pick up. Hiby has said all the R3s that they have received shipping address for have been shipped, but if the package hasn't been picked up by DHL I wouldn't really consider that "shipped". If there's some delay I'd just like to know rather than be lied to.

    Again, my tracking number is 1522 and it's being shipped to Charlotte, NC. Maybe there's some specific issue with the region I live in.
  13. Notrix
    Agree. I wouldn’t consider that “shipped” either. I’m in Raleigh, NC, but I think this issue is bigger than regional shipping. I would rather the honest approach, too. It’s not shipped if the shipping company hasn’t received it in 10 days....
  14. abitdeef
    Wait you guys in NC got notices from DHL? Am I the only one that got mine shipped from fed ex? Maybe that’s why I got mine so fast?

  15. briantf
    I got an email from HiBy with a DHL tracking number a few hours after posting my tracking number here asking about shipping. I haven't received anything directly from DHL.
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