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The HiBy R3; The New Double Dac R3 PRO expected late October.

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by CactusPete23, Feb 14, 2018.
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  1. Joe Bloggs Contributor
    I was just told that the balance control as it exists resides directly in the DAC, tied directly with the D/A conversion and hence will not be available for use in any digital output. :frowning2:
  2. jj69
    I would think the way to implement it would be through the same process used to create the equalizer. In fact, it should be part of that menu. The control that currently exists would not be the place to start
  3. Joe Bloggs Contributor
    The equalizer can't equalize "high res" audio above 48kHz. I guess they wanted something that would work universally for the plugged earphones and ended up with that.
  4. jj69
    I listen only to red book audio, so a balance control that works only below 48k would be more than sufficient.

    Honestly, it wouldn't be a big deal, if only there were one single portable DAC/Amp on the market with a balance control. Frankly, its shocking that there isn't one.
  5. Snoopy112
    Firmware 3.3 Custom

    3.3 International ver. (from Kickstarter);
    3.3 Chinese ver. (from JD and so on, rename the file to r3.upt before updating)

    1. corrected translation (Russian and English),
    2. replaced the font with a new one by XVortex,
    3. customized both themes (some pictures, icons, their locations, etc. were replaced), increased font size in some places. Main screen in second theme is based on the Hexagon theme by Steven Van Geert (see FB HiBy thread),
    4. repaired choosing colors sliders in the second theme,
    5. added adb (Android Debug Bridge),
    6. replaced the index page when connected to PC via Wi-Fi (now always in English), changed sort order (folders go first, then files, in order of names: at the beginning the numbers, then Latin, then Russian) and the following file formats have been added: upt, txt, log, and t,
    7. added a radio to the top bar and replaced the built-in chinese radio stations (40 stations now), others you can persanally add to radio.txt file and put it in the root of your sd card,
    8. all binary files have been striped,
    9. optimized all *png files,
    10. removed unnecessary files and folders that are not used,
    11. extended database limit to 65000 tracks,
    12. automatically connecting to known Wi-Fi networks,
    13. added automatically start playback after player is turning on (you should add in the root of sd card file key_settings.conf with "autoplay=1" line).

    Last update: 01.10.2019
    Last edited: Oct 1, 2019
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  6. Joe Bloggs Contributor
    One thing I know that is supposed to be fixed is Bluetooth audio connection problems (e.g. R3 reboots when trying to connect bluetooth)
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  7. ChuckWagon
    Wondering if there's a work-around on this.

    If I'm scrolling to play a particular album, once I click the title, there's a 5-10 second delay before the title shows up. Then, when I click to play the album, there's another 5-10 second delay before the music starts.

    I have a lot of music files an I'm guessing that this has to do with a memory issue.

    I never use Tidal. I was wondering that.. if Tidal is removed, would it free up some additional memory? My goal would be eliminate this 5-10 second delay when wanting to play music.
  8. mikp

    failed update over 3.1 custom here. Also online check only finds 3.2 version (that has the bt bugs)
  9. MRobi
    Only SBC bluetooth codec working me,another codec playback error 13.
  10. Snoopy112
    May be smth wrong with your SD card?

    For me sbc and aac bt codecs work, but aac not turning on every time when connect to apple device.
  11. mikp
    ok, got to update and playback error 13 when playing files if not set to sbc.
    Also reboot when trying wifi transfer, back to custom 3.1.

    Side note, I thought aac would be in transmit mode, not only receive
  12. dissembled
    I downloaded custom firmware 3.3 (Chinese) and had to rescan the library first so the player could detect it, which was strange to me since I don't recall ever having to rescan prior to updating the firmware before. I tried three times before the rescan and the player couldn't detect the update file at all. And yes, I did rename the file to r3.upt before trying to update. Not a biggie, just a little surprised is all.
  13. Nolbert0
    I too tried the custom 3.3 but mine just kept crashing as soon as I attempted any music playback.

    I reverted back to 3.2
  14. poprivet
    Nothing important, but a little sloppy...message when there's no new firmware: "You\'re on the latest firmware". Guess someone tried to escape the apostrophe incorrectly.

    Speaking of which, would still be nice if the bug where you can't delete a folder when the name contains an apostrophe could be fixed (although I seem to recall someone saying this was a problem in Chinese tech)
  15. Micha0815
    I can't even see an official 3.3. firmware at HiBy's web pages :astonished:

    Where did you find the original firmware?
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2019
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