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The HiBy R3; The New Double Dac R3 PRO expected late October.

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by CactusPete23, Feb 14, 2018.
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  1. Wickham
    Yes, it’s an awkward on-ear size. Perhaps you could send me a link to that cable on Amazon.
  2. Python002
    Received tracking on 6/20/18 and still today it reads that the shipper has the info, or something along that line. Nothing is moving and this does not seem normal. Black order 1016.
  3. TomandNemo
    PM sent
  4. Franatic
    Backer #97.......still R3less. No unit has materialized anywhere yet. Just the "label" for a unit. I sent an email to DHL asking info about my "label" that was created on June 20th.
    Their response:
    "Our records indicate that the shipping label has been created; however, your shipment has not been physically handed over to DHL. I recommend contacting your sender to confirm the shipment's exit date.
    You received the Waybill number because it can be generated electronically before it is actually picked up. When we pick it up, you will see a “Pickup” checkpoint scan."

    Hiby has stated in a previous post:
    4.For those backers who already received the tracking number but not able to get any tracking information from it. Here is the process of the R3 shipping, we used a shipping agency help to ship all the orders. Once we send all the products to the shipping agency, they will help to create the DHL label (Tracking number) for each order. And once they finished all the labels, they will send the products to DHL HongKong office to ship out. It will also take few days for the products to process the customs clearance and arrived in DHL HongKong office. If you have not seen any information from your tracking number yet, that means your package is on the way to DHL HongKong office. And you will be able to see some update tracking information in few days.

    I'm tired of repeated excuses that don't turn out true. Where has the unit been for a week if it only takes a few days for customs......running out of patience. What do they mean "Once they finish ALL the labels the units will be sent to the DHL Hong Kong office???
    Last edited: Jun 26, 2018
  5. Hifi-Junkie
    Same here. I have never waited this long for a Parcel to be shipped out. EVER. Hard to keep good thoughts alive.
  6. Python002
    I'm assuming they're just stalling to add the case to the order that they said would come at the end of the month. Either way, it's my first and last time backing a kickstart project. I'm not even mad, just a learning experience for me. Not worth the trouble to save a few bucks.
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  7. MAK1975
    I just sent Hiby a reply on Kickstarter to check the status of my order. I have yet to receive any DHL tracking info for my order. I filled out their shipping survey and requested the black R3 (Backer #1148). According to their update this morning they have shipped out all of the Black and Grey R3s. It'll probably be end of July before I see mine. Who knows at this point. I sent them a separate $15 via PayPal for the coax to usb-c cable back in May. Maybe that cable is holding my order up. While they have provided timely updates to backers their whole shipping/tracking process is a fiasco. This may be the last time I back a project like this. I would have been better off just to have waited and bought a different DAP like the iBasso DX150 from Amazon. Sure It's over twice the price but I'd have it in 2 to 3 days.
    Last edited: Jun 26, 2018
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  8. Squonk12
    I preordered something once, took 8 months. I saved 20 dollars by God! "Titties!" Never again.
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  9. Vimtoman
    It will take a few days for the item to start tracking.
    I bought the R6 and it was about four days from email to actual movement on the tracking details.
  10. capnjack
    Mine is exactly the same situation
  11. turkayguner
    I have received my R3 today.

    The DAP is such a beauty. Packaging is nice, offline playback works fine. But I have an issue with Tidal.

    I can log in to my Tidal account and browsing is ok. But I cannot play any songs, it gives "Playback failed".

    I tried my iPhone 5s on same 2.4GHz SSID. The buffering wheel thing spins forever and no error messages. It does not play any songs.
    I tried my iPhone 5s on 5GHz SSID, songs play fine.

    I tried iPad mini 4 on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz SSIDs, Tidal app plays fine on both.

    I called my ISP (which is Vodafone fiber-net 100MB down / 10MB up). The technician on the phone reseted the fiber connection on his side. While I was on phone I retried Tidal app on R3 and on my iPhone 5s, Tidal worked right after the staff reestablished my internet connection. I said thanks to him and hung up the phone. Got my R3 and threw myself over the sofa. Tried skipping the song and the same error again. I didn't feel like to recall the ISP again and again so here I am. Do you guys offer anything to fix this?
  12. Giraku
    Backer #193. Ordered gray. I just received a tracking number... Finally!!!
  13. oneula
    still waiting for my AP60 Pro from Hidiz that was supposed to be delivered in April by MassDrop
    I signed up for the Hiby KS months after the HiDiz MassDrop

    I've had my R3 for a week or so and it really didn't matter to me
    as I have the Shanling MO i purchased retail off amazon that I am still trying to figure out (the R3 is a better device but also costs more)

    the R3 shipped way sooner than the idiegogo R6 did which was still shipping when the R3 project started
    not sure why expectations are so far off base for the R3 especially as a KS project

    I haven't had any issues with my R3
    once connected to my home wifi it updated its OS with no problem
    Once I provided my credentials it logged me into Tidal and I had access to all my playlists and albums
    I was able to connect to my APTx bluetooth headphones and 2.5 TRRS Zen 2s with great sound and no problems

    I bought the R3 to use as a standalone DAP with good sound, streaming Tidal, balanced output and nothing else and as that it works just fine for me
    other than being a fingerprint magnet it has everything I currently need in a portable player outside of my LG V30 and its not a big old C4 bomb brick to haul around with connecting cords protruding out the yin yang

    Don't know why everyone keeps plugging theirs into a million other gadgets to make it something other than what it is

    So, good work Hiby
    the R3 and R6 are two great first generation starts into the DAP market compared to the competition
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  14. sflxn
    I think you hit the nail on the head. I’m in the same boat. They probably didn’t have enough cables so they held our orders up just like they did for the case. Had I known, I would not have added the cable since I can easily get one next day delivery from Amazon. Just really bad planning and very unfair to those of us who supported the campaign early. They must be new to the internet. There’s nothing you can hide from the internet.

    To think I added the cable to help them out because at the time, I was eager to support them. Wow, talk about backfire.
    Last edited: Jun 26, 2018
  15. goody
    i have decided to sell my R3 i am putting it on the sales thread in case anyone wants it ..or pm me
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