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The Centrance HiFi M8 thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by firev1, Aug 15, 2012.
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  1. audionewbi
    700 sounds very fair. 550 preorder will be a dream come true! 
  2. Yuceka
    Is there going to be an introductory price or are you just speculating? 
  3. elnero

    It's been stated a few times by Michael Goodman from CEntrance that there will be a special pre-order discount, how much that discount is remains to be seen, we'll have to wait until it's announced.
  4. MorbidToaster
    Want. Seriously want. 
  5. ExpatinJapan
    I was curious about the new Sony PHA-1, But I am very excited by this product, it seems an all in one.
    Debating whether to sell my Fostex hp_p1 for this.
    question. I saw the comparison chart on your webpage but am confused by the output power at 1.5W/ch.
    (fostex 80mW/ch, sony 175mW/ch).
    excuse my technical ignorance.
  6. Sandman65
    What about pricing on the LX model?
    This is shaping up to be the Bugatti Veyron of portable devices...and all at Corvette pricing! 
    Well DONE!!!
  7. zilch0md
    Yeah, which means the price of Corvettes will come down!  
    Get ready for a flood of yesteryear's gear at the For Sale forum.
    Somebody should start a museum of pre-HiFi-M8 vintage headphone amps...
  8. firev1
    Haha, yup, 1.5 WATTS/channel, not sure when I did the basic math(which I'm not sure if correctly) with the dBV calculations, its still swinging way more power than the whatever the competition has.
  9. Zuqi
    I'm very interested. I would like to see the battle between pha-1 and m8. It's time for me to pick up the hobby again[​IMG]
  10. mgoodman
    Larry: What headphones will you be bringing to RMAF this year, for demoing your gear?
    A: We'll have 880, T1, L2. I still don't own any Sennheisers, so may need to borrow.
    Q: Is there any consideration for providing a carrying pouch for the HiFi M8?
    A: Eventually, not right away. SQ is first. Accessories second. 
    Q: The DACport has a nasty on-off thump in the speakers/headphones ... will the M8 have the same?
    A: We'll do a decent job muting audio on turn/on/off, so I don't think you'll have the same issues.
    Q: What's up with preorder?!?!
    A:  At this point we are planning to ship a small number of units in December (about 40 I think). What caused a delay here is that we decided to redo several things in the product based on customer input. I'm not complaining, but rather apologizing for the delay.This means we are still two months away and I hope that we hold that deadline. However, it's also is the worst time of the year to be building electronics products, since everyone is ramping up for X-Mas...
    I fully appreciate the trust you are placing in the product and the intention with pre-order. The pre-order price is set at 20% off ($560, which actually is a rather unbeatable deal).  You will need to be a registered Head-Fi member to order (which obviously is the case here). We are planning to offer the units for pre-order in our store soon (probably right after CANJAM), but please read the following disclaimer: "We have full intentions to ship by Xmas, but we cannot guarantee that we will do so. Please understand that you may not get your unit by Xmas."
  11. Audiowood
    Ok mike, iI would like to reserve one now. Pls let me know how I can order it, do I just send to your Paypal of $560 or is the buy now link up already? Feel free to pm me.

    Thanks in advance. I am too excited now:D
  12. firev1
    Too bad about the student here but I was glad to see you guys from the start of the blog Michael :) will get one next year. 
  13. mgoodman
    What do you mean too bad about the student? Sorry, I didn't get that.
  14. ExpatinJapan
    I think he means he is a poor student , as in no money :wink:
  15. ExpatinJapan
    So this Hifi m8 has more power?
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