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The Centrance HiFi M8 thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by firev1, Aug 15, 2012.
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  1. pjw241142
    Count me in 
  2. sree
    I am totally interested in this as well. I believe this would be better than my Just Audio AHA 120. I just wish it had Coax in though. If I have to run my iMod through them I am not sure if it be supported.
  3. Sandman65
    how much cheaper would it have been without balanced output?
  4. AudiOh
    I would like to pre-order as well. This sounds like a perfect product for my needs. Please let us know when we can make the pre-ordering official.
  5. audionewbi
    Guys as he have said please check his website after the canjam is over. That is how he will release the preorder information. 
  6. eron
  7. Yuceka
  8. eron
    Just like how one might go for just an O2 amp, you can definitely go for the new CLAS, which from what I know is just the DAC. Of course, it makes sense if you want to use it with a RSA 4-pin earphone, together with a balanced amp with RSA 4-pin out.
  9. Audiowood

    But it is still worth the wait :D
  10. AudiOh
    I, for one, am happy to preorder and am willing to wait until it is completed to the high centrance standards, even if it means having to go without it longer. 
  11. mitsu763

    I agree. This should be worth the wait. Both Centrance and Cypher Labs make great products. The new Solo-R is ideal for me at this point but the HIFI-M8 is truly a bargain, even at full price, given the features.
  12. dookie182
    hello guys,
    this sure is a really interested product. I have a tricky question, and after a fast browsing of the thread, I'm not sure it was already asked. If already done, sorry everyone :wink:
    regarding the power managment of the idevise (take an ipod classic for exemple), is the hifi-m8 able to charge or monitor the idevise battery life? if connected to the main power, or on battery operation, would it make a difference?
    Ok, so bevore beeing flamed down, I just went to the centrance hifi-m8 webpage and got the answer to my question.
    Have fun at RMAF every lucky once.
  13. aamefford
    It looks like I'm late to the party on battery life weigh in - for me, I can live with 5 hours and drive anything ever made, but I prefer 8 hours and drive almost anything ever made.  My Mad Dogs are 55 ohm ortho's, and my DT 770-600's are not as hard to drive as I thought.  As long as I can drive current hungry lower impedance cans (such as my D7000's and similar) and something on the order of the HD650, I should be OK.
    I'll also weigh in on the dual 3 pin XLR's - Seriously?  Sure, if you are plugging phantom power mics into a portable recorder - but headphones into a portable consumer geared audio device?  I bet there are at most a few thousand pairs of balanced cans out there with dual 3 pin XLR termination, and most of them will never see portable use.  For my use - the 4 pin xlr or lemo would be just right, with an unbalanced 1/4" and / or 1/8" jack as well.
    I've read Centrance's reasoning and responses justifying the 3 pin XLR - I disagree.  I would prefer a larger battery or smaller package if a 4 pin or lemo plus unbalanced connection allow it.  Either way, I just don't want headphones with a couple of Christmas ornament sized 3 pin xlr connectors dangling off the end of the cable.
    OK, rant over.  I'm not real interested in being flamed back on this, just stating my opinions, and my usage.
    All of that said, the m8 or a later version with more sensible connections is a device I really, really want, and I hold Centrance's products in very high regard - I have owned a DacPort and a DacPort LX.  I am strongly considering purchasing either the m8 or another DacPort to rebuild my laptop rig.
  14. DigitalFreak
    Sorry about posting off topic but there's a new CLAS in the works?
  15. ExpatinJapan
    So can I just plug my normal headphones into this, or do I need a new plug? (triple fi 10, ath-ck10 etc).
    .....excuse my stupidity.
    I would prefer 8 hours and save the big headphones for home when its plugged in. (how many people use large, power hungry headphones on the go??).
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