1. tas236

    SOLD CEntrance HiFi-M8 XL4

    [SOLD] Selling my venerable CEntrance HiFi-M8 XL4 with USB and iOS/OTG input, and 1/4, 1/8 optical combo, and 4pin XLR outputs. I've kept this device for so long because I find the sound signature to be quite addictive. It is really just perfectly balanced to my ears and the tone, impedance...
  2. aj05hi


    This amp/Dac is in excellent condition. Battery holds an excellent charge and all ports and buttons work as they should. PayPal and shipping (within UK) are included, international shipping is on the buyer.
  3. jbarnhardt

    SOLD - Centrance HiFi-M8 iDevice version for sale - great condition, screaming deal

    Hi HeadFi-ers. I have a Centrance HiFi-M8 iDevice headphone DAC/amp in great condition for sale. If you're not familiar with it, here's an InnerFidelity writeup from a few years ago: https://www.innerfidelity.com/content/trusted-traveling-companion-centrance-hifi-m8-portable-headphone-ampdac...
  4. maksikanets

    CEntrance Mini-M8

    I'm have Centrance Mini-M8 in excellent condition with light sign of use. Included is everything as new including the original box. Shipping to anywehere at the buyers expense. Item located in Ukraine. Feel free to ask questions. Thanks!
  5. buntwo

    WTB: DACport lx

    Self explanatory. Please make me an offer!
  6. schalliol

    The CEntrance Hi-Fi M8 V2 Thread

    Having just placed an order for the upcoming unit, and at ExpatinJapan’s recommendation, this is a thread for the new version of the Hi-Fi M8 portable DAC/Amp. You can now order via a pre-order link if you’re a previous buyer, and we can add the link here when it goes live. CEntrance sent a...
  7. nino9


    Found the A1
  8. Violent_Sneeze

    [SOLD] CEntrance DACportable - $50

    [SOLD] Selling my DACportable because I no longer use it. It's in pretty good condition, works flawlessly. Can include a USB-C OTG cable for your smartphone for free. Also ships for free via USPS to CONUS and Canada. Thanks for your interest!
  9. ptolemy2k6

    ***sold*** Centrance Bludac Portable Wireless (BT) Amplifier

    I am selling Centrance Bludac Portable Wireless (BT) Amplifier. Got it from crowd source campaign. Works very well but I got a TV with BT out, so I dont need it anymore. Used maybe 20 hours (I only used it with misses near by asleep). asking shipped in CONusa. thank you
  10. nk77

    SOLD: Centrance Hi-Fi Hifi-M8 XL4 Portable DAC/AMP USED

    Hi Folks Another great portable bit of kit that I'm no longer needing. Bought brand new Jun 2017 from Jaben Audio in Australia (have receipt). No longer required since changing jobs in November 2017. Been in storage ever since. My loss is your gain! Please note it came with a US plug from...
  11. turo91

    [SOLD]FS Centrance BlueDAC

    FS Centrance BlueDAC in 10/10 condition with box and cessories Price: 240 euro + 10 shipping in Eu,20 to anywhere
  12. Dainity


    Selling unused Centrance Hi-F Skyn. You can find details about Skyn from dr.Sheep here http://www.headpie.net/2015/12/centrance-hifi-skyn-review-by-dr-sheep.html and from Expatinjapan here http://www.headpie.net/2015/12/centrance-hifi-skyn-early-impressions.html It's individual package...
  13. Mobat

    Centrance DacPort LX (willing to add cash to trade)

    I've had this unit for a few years and I feel like its time to try new gear. I've exclusively used this and I can tell you it's very powerful. The noise floor is nonexistent and these are able to push HE560's and T50 mods to the point of pain. Whats better is it's completely driverless and can...
  14. lmfboy01

    More Myriad items UM Melody, etc.......

    random headphone hybrid 1ba+1dd - $15 MORE STUFF! Some items to sell are : Please check ebay, I have various items to sell other than here. Or if you need pics, Let me know! UM Unique Melody Miracle Universal IEM - $650...
  15. BenHolmes

    Centrance HiFi M8 LX (Optical Input) XL4 Output

    Selling my great condition Centrance HiFi M8, specs are in the title. Excellent working condition. I'm the second owner. Perfect for use with a MacBook Pro. Comes with optical cable, USB cable, and Hong Kong power cable. Sorry, I don't have an American power adapter/cord (as pictured), you'll...
  16. dolstein

    SOLD: CEntrance HiFi Skyn iPhone 5/5S Headphone Amp/DAC - BRAND NEW - FLASH SALE - 8 HOURS ONLY

    I have one (1) CEntrance HiFi Skyn iPhone 5/5S Headphone Amp/DAC. This is an iPhone case with a built in DAC and headphone amp that converts your iPhone 5/5S into a hi-res audio player. Product details here: https://www.centrance.com/products/hifi-skyn/ This model retails for $399. The unit...
  17. Tweeters


    Sold CEntrance DACport slim
  18. hallom

    SOLD : CEntrance DACport LX (EU) - SOLD

    Working perfectly, sounds amazing. Any questions, PM me.
  19. hallom

    SOLD - CEntrance DACmini CX - black (EU) - SOLD

    Here is for sale this wonderful little gear, does so much and so well. If you read this you probably know what it is (a real audiophile gem.) No mods other than black housing. Any questions just let me know by PM. By request, UK plug can also be supplied.
  20. DrSheep

    CEntrance i5

    https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/i5-audiophile-battery-case-for-iphone/x/5949678     Please fund this.
  21. CraftyClown

    Glove Audio A1 jacket DAC Amp for AK120

    I found this on a Japanese site... (Google translation) "Information of great products have come into from Jaben headphones just before the festival! Is a world premiere. The Grove (The Glove) - GloveAudio A1 is a headphone amplifier drive compatible balance of built-in DAC to be mounted so as...
  22. kbuzz

    Ipad/iphone friendly semi-portable DAC/AMP -with HD600s

    hello all    I wonder if i could get some recommendations.  I am looking for a portable or semi portable amp/dac that will better the CCK output on my iphone 6 and i pad.  I intend to use the amp in bed and around the house with my HD600s- but would eventually like to upgrade to a planer...
  23. rudi0504

    Centrance upcoming product for Iphone 5 above and Ipod Touch 5 : Hi Fi SKYN

    Centrance new upcoming product for Iphone 5 above and Ipod Touch 5 is Hi Fi Skyn This product is base from their award wining Hi Fi M8 and Hi Fi M8 Mini http://Igg.me/at/hifi-skyn Product Specifications DIMENSIONS: 172 mm x 64 mm x 20 mm (LxWxH) * CASE MATERIAL: Impact-resistant PC plastic...
  24. PTom

    Head Fi's Favourite Amp for the Audeze LCD 2: $200-$1000 [POLL]

    Votes for Other Amps    - ALO Audio Pan Am: 3  - Bottlehead S.E.X.: 1 - Darkvoice 336SE: 1 - Schiit Asgard 2: 1 - Woo Audio WA7: 1   -----------------------------   I thought it would be fun/informative to see which amps are the most loved among the Head Fi community for driving the...
  25. firev1

    The Centrance HiFi M8 thread

    Hifi-M8 and LX overview by expatinjapan   This post is a general copy and paste from the Hifi-M8 impressions thread: http://www.head-fi.org/t/662881/centrance-hifi-m8-and-hifi-m8-lx-8-versions-incoming-impressions-and-appreciation-thread   *The impressions thread has reviews and an...