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The Centrance HiFi M8 thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by firev1, Aug 15, 2012.
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  1. eron
    Is there any consideration for providing a carrying pouch for the HiFi M8?
  2. firev1
    Got the news from AudioHead that the M8 will be selling around 700 usd, Putting it a little above the Sony PHA-1 and HPP1 category.
  3. pekingduck
    Is that the pre-order price?
  4. firev1
    I don't see it on the store yet, but exact price is 699.50 USD, there will be a special offer from Michael to head-fiers and blog readers if I'm not wrong. I'm rather impressed by the product specs, 3 levels of sonic shaping for each sonic control(treble, bass, impedance,gain) and all the other added features as well so far. Can't wait for coverage and impressions on it.
    Here is the product page on the main site.
    LOL theres even a comparison page
  5. eron
    Haha, that comparison page is cool. CEntrance isn't allowed to post it here though. :p
    Short article:
  6. bayac
    Looks like M8 is going to have a cover/cushion for the phones. Thoughtful!
  7. Yuceka
  8. Audiowood
    Alright mike, it's time to put up preorder for loyal fans. I need one for my fitear 334, i really like the treble tone shaping knob.
  9. elnero

    Where did that pic come from, I haven't seen it on their site?
  10. eron
  11. bayac

    It's also on their website. The picture on the top changes on time.
  12. eugenius
    The DACport has a nasty on-off thump in the speakers/headphones ... will the M8 have the same?
  13. Ksef10
    Hey Everyone,
    HiFi-M8 Web page is up and running http://centrance.com/products/hifi-m8/. All the features and specs are still subject to small changes depending on what your feedback tells us.
    Be sure to check out the "Compare" tab for a comparison of HiFi-M8 to other products in the same category.
  14. audionewbi
    any idea on the price?
  15. mitsu763
    $700. I think I'm going to be picking this up. Hopefully we'll have a preorder saving available.
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