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    In the box all is very well secured by dense foam, and you'll find: - the headphones - headphone stand (branded discretely with MrSpeakers) - velour carrying bag for the headphones - cable of your choice/order - cloth for cleaning
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    Yamaha EPH-100 driven by CEntrance HiFi-M8, connected to iPod Touch 2nd Gen. with the ADL ID-30PA dock cable.
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    CanOpener HD598.jpg
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    iPad2 running CanOpener app, 24 Bit/192 kHz over Apple CCK and Chord Co. SilverPlus USB into CEntrance HiFi-M8 driving Sennheiser HD 598 headphones... Travel rig (Large).
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    iPad2 - ADL iD-30PA LOD - CEntrance HiFi-M8 - Beyerdynamic DTX 501p. Travel rig large, or when size matters... needs bigger cans though.
  11. pachoo5

    Looking for recommendations for a DAC/Amp to drive my LCD-XC at work

    Hi,   I am looking for, ideally, a DAC+Amp to drive my new LCD-XC's well at work. I am willing to spend $750 to $1,000 for the best sound I can get. The box doesn't need to be portable but I also don't want a normal reference size home stereo amp as it will be sitting on my desk at my work...
  12. logscool

    Amp for Alpha Prime

    I am about to recieve an Alpha Prime and am looking at upgrading my ODAC+O2 to something more capable of driving these. While I am not necesarilly looking for a portable amp if I can have something that is portable with now cost to sound quality I would prefer that. After talking to MrSpeakers I...
  13. wdh777

    Best iPad portable dac

    So a few years ago I got a hp p1. Is this unit still state of the art or is there a new better portable dac/headphone amp that you can simply just plug in the firewire to use from a iPad into the dac? Thanks
  14. jgleadle

    Please help me choose a headphone, last time i failed miserably.

    I got into headphones about a month ago, i spend long hours studying in collage and enjoy listening to music. my audio background is a mid-fi home system, twin amped PSB Stratus speakers and Velodyne SPL sub connected to mid level separates and music hall turntable. I expected that headphones...
  15. rmiller511

    Atrio M8 vs MG7?

    Hi,   Does anyone have experience with both of these, and if so, can you tell me how the two compare?   I am looking to buy either one, would like to know which has the better sound in bass, mids and highs.
  16. petervenkman

    AMP/DAC for UERM?

    I was lucky enough to get in on the Massdrop for the UERMs recently. Also, I'm in the Socal area so I got to have my impressions done at UE and they got started on my pair earlier this week! Stoked to try them out..but I'm going to need an AMP/DAC solution to use them at home and possibly for...
  17. jrhslick

    Looking for recommendations for a portable headphone DAC/AMP with 1/4" (6.3) jack.

    Hi fellow Head-fiers,   As the title suggests, I travel a lot and am looking for a portable DAC/AMP that I can use with my laptop (USB) and has a 1/4" (full-size) headphone jack.  I would rather not have to "downsize" the jack on my HE500s.   Impressions and recommendations appreciated.  ...
  18. ExpatinJapan

    Centrance Hifi-M8 and Hifi-M8 LX (8 versions!) impressions thread

    Due to several requests that from the HF community  that a Head-fier who have actually pre-ordered a unit should start a thread I have made this impressions thread.   This thread is in development.   1). OP/first page is general information and specs(In development). 2). Second post is a...
  19. firev1

    The Centrance HiFi M8 thread

    Hifi-M8 and LX overview by expatinjapan   This post is a general copy and paste from the Hifi-M8 impressions thread: http://www.head-fi.org/t/662881/centrance-hifi-m8-and-hifi-m8-lx-8-versions-incoming-impressions-and-appreciation-thread   *The impressions thread has reviews and an...
  20. Halitosis

    HP-P1 or HIFI-M8 for travel rig.

    Would appreciate a few opinions..     Currently have a Fostex HP-P1 with Shure 535s as my road kit using my iPhone as source (FLACs via Qobuz and FLAC Player). I like the sound I have now, but I'm staring pretty hard at the CEntrance HiFi-M8 as a replacement to the HP-P1.   I've read many...
  21. CEntrance HiFi-M8

    CEntrance HiFi-M8

    The Swiss Army Knife of portable DAC/amps, with selectable impedance gain, bass and treble tone shaping, iDevice or Toslink, and USB inputs. Various output configurations too, this unit is a jack of all trades and master of ALL, except no analog input.