The blessing has returned and it's only getting better: blessing 3 is up to the game
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Got my Blessing 3 today and I am using it right now with the RME ADI-2 DAC for first impressions, using stock tips and stock 3.5 mm cable. For starters it is very comfortable. And as for sound, I don't find it lean at all, bass is perfect. But maybe the treble and air is a little more then what I am used to. To be continued.

Edit: sweeping it gives me peaks at 6.0 and 10.5 kHz, kind of matches this.

graph (2).png

Edit 2: from former experiences this is the typical sound that initially impresses with the high resolution and definition, but after a while it causes listening fatigue. Let's see/hear.
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Mine are going back. Sorry, I tried to like you, I really did, but this too lean and bright profile is not for me...
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I tried Spinfit CP100's today for my Blessys. First impression is that I prefer stock tips over those. I think bass received a minor boost but mids and highs got tamed too much to my liking.
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I don't understand the hate. Blessing 3 sounds great to my ears. Yes, It has somewhat lean mids, but the rest of the sound is nothing but breathtaking. The sub bass here is natural sounding and it is tastefully boosted. Highs are smooth and superbly extended. Imaging is precise. This is a reference sounding iem that at the same time doesn't sacrifice musicality. Kudos to moondrop for creating a benchmark iem at this price again. There is no iem that beats the blessing 3 for the tech at this price .

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