1. Moondrop Aria 2021

    Moondrop Aria 2021

  2. shenzhenaudio

    A summary of recently recommended new arrivals, and March sales at SHENZHENAUDIO!

    There is an old saying in China that gold in March and silver in April (the promising season). Recently, Chinese brands were about to release their new gears catching this end! Let's see what products they bring are worth looking forward to! SMSL DA-9 ---Power Amplifier DA-9 landed today at a...
  3. I

    IEM Upgrade Advice for Jazz, Classical and Live Performance. KBear Diamond vs Moondrop SSP

    Greetings, I'm fairly new to this forum, has been lurking around for almost two years now and decided to jump into the fun just recently. To be honest, the reviews and rating of all the gears is overwhelming to me. Thus I finally decided to ask for an opinion. Currently still using my old Fiio...

    Announcing moondrop's photography contest: Get rewarded for your creativity!

    Our team will vote bimonthly for 3 awards each with amazing prizes(yes it's a long term competition) Any questions feel free to either email us or leave a comment below.
  5. HuoYuanJia

    Softears - Discussion & Appreciation

    While preparing my review, I have requested the product descriptions from Softears, so now I have more info to share. (Though to me, Softears is still kind of mysterious and there's a lot I could not figure out.) Anyway, I think it is worth updating the first post. The original post is hidden...
  6. shenzhenaudio

    MOONDROP X Crinacle Blessing2:Dusk is approaching!

    The Blessing2: Dusk, a jointly collaborative IEM with In-Ear Fidelity, will be released. It has been under intense discussion for a long period before the graph leaked out, whatever in its tune, or its difference between the Blessing2 Standard. The exterior packaging: Packaging list: The...

    MOONDROP's Black Friday Deal——up to 15%off

    It's the typical time to buy the stuff you want again... Take a 15%off our entire lineup(excludes illumination) on our authorized distributors today, 11/23 through 11/27 Shenzhenaudio Link (Includes discount on our Custom IEMs!) Amazon Link Save 5%+5$ every 65$ spent on Aliexpress 11/23 through...
  8. Moondrop SSP Super Spaceship Pulse

    Moondrop SSP Super Spaceship Pulse

    The Moondrop SSR is a $40 single dynamic driver earphone with 16 ohm impedance at 112 dB sensitivity. It is a variation of the popular Moondrop SSR.
  9. shenzhenaudio


    With the shopping festival approaches, SHENZHENAUDIO brings the biggest deal among this year! Most of the products enjoy a 15% discount, including TOPPING, SMSL, MOONDROP, Kinera, TANCHJIM, Gustard, XDuoo, KZ, and other brands in great demand! This shopping festival lasts for 2days, from 00:00...
  10. UltraFine

    IEMs below 700€ for Disco, Funk, Soul and Pop

    Hello! I am new to this forum and I am new to audio. This is my first post. I would like to ask for advice for a new IEM. I am mostly listening to Disco, Funk, Soul and Pop. I know its a bit of a silly quesiton to ask for IEMs for specific genres. But I think it might be an indicator. Currently...
  11. H

    Blessing 2 buy or not?

    Hello, I have had my eyes on B2 for a while now since they get a lot of hype for the price and Crinacle ranked them very high. I have Blon03, KZ ZSX,Tin P1, Starfield and KZ AS16 (had Shuoer Tape but sold cause they were too shouty for me) and out of those to me AS16 sounds the most revealing...
  12. M



    Fiiiiiiiinally Here!: MOONDROP illumination will be on shelves tonight(in lending library also)

    It's just a pleasure to say that after 3 year of development, we'll start brining the "ILLUMINATION" to our stores 10PM EST tonight on and our aliexpress store. This is literally very demonstration of what a reference IEM should sound like. Comes with popular replaceable...
  14. Moondrop SSR Super Starship Reference Review

    Moondrop SSR Super Starship Reference Review

    Design, Build and Comfort The SSR design takes a fresh direction from the original Spaceship elliptical shape. The design, an almost “heart” shaped from the faceplate perspective, the right-angled straight nozzle and the cable pin connector placement, at first sight, created much puzzling...
  15. jwbrent

    SOLD: Moondrop 6-Nines Copper Cable / 3.5mm to .78mm 2-Pin

    Up for sale is the cable that comes supplied with the S8 in great condition. I made a cable cinch for it, but it can easily be removed if you don’t like it. I bought a silver cable for my S8, so that is the reason I’m selling it. Please excuse the stray dog hair in the picture. I have over 50...

    Super Spaceship Reference release date&discord raffle

    We are please to inform our fans that our newest budget fi addition will be available for order at 15th June for 39.99$. For AliExpress: For shenzhenaudio: The new mascot...
  17. U

    Moondrop Starfield Alternatives (Design)

    I’m after some IEMs at around the £100/$100 mark, and I’ve seen that the Moondrop Starfields are pretty consistently recommended at this price point. I think I’d prefer the signature of the Starfields over something brighter like the Tin T4s, and the Starfields also seem more comfortable than...
  18. Moondrop VX Classic

    Moondrop VX Classic

    Impedance: 16Ω Frequency response range: 20-20 kHz Drive type: moving coil Wire: 4N Litz OFC Line length 1.2m Unit diameter 13.5mm Cavity diameter: 15mm Cavity material: CNC brass chrome Diaphragm: Polyethylene Terephthalate Coil: Daikoku CCAW Magnet: N48 neodymium magnet THD...
  19. Moondrop Shiroyuki

    Moondrop Shiroyuki

    Type: Earbud Vocalism Principle: Dynamic Sensitivity:104dB/mW Frequency Response Range:20-20000Hz Resistance:32Ω@1kHZ Line Length:1.2M Plug Type: Line Type Cavity diameter:17mm
  20. Zerousen

    [WTS] MMCX Modded Sony MH755, MMCX Modded Koss KSC75, MMCX Modded Moondrop Crescent, Removable Cable Modding Services

    Looking to sell a few things in order to fund some other projects. Shipping fees within the US is included, international shipping will cost a flat $10 fee. I have been doing these mods for almost two years now, and have just recently received my supplies and am now able to continue my mail in...
  21. Moondrop S8

    Moondrop S8

  22. talponne

    WTS Moondrop Kanas PRO

    I'm selling my beloved Moondrop KPE Comes with all the accessories and box. Tips and bag are unused. PayPal, Revolut. Buyer pays shipping. Feel free to ask any questions.

    Help name our next budget fi addition in product line!

    As we previously mentioned, there's going to be a new series added to our budget fi product line, but we haven't mentioned that this Super Spaceship Reference has a more casually tuned counterpart. The biggest reason is we haven't been able to name it yet. The initial of her original name just...

    Fear of blind purchase? Moondrop got you covered.

    We are excited to announce that we will start our (almost) risk free try at home program in United States first. Current models able to try at home are our higher tier products. S8, SOLIS and Blessing 2(January update: illumination is also here). The tour is about to start at end of April when...

    New filters for our IEMs are available.

    First thing, we have a minor, but important update to our filter that's already taken effect, the listed model below MOONDROP STARFIELD MOONDROP KXXS MOONDROP SPACESHIP will carry the improved anti clogging filter. New filters are now available for purchase at our distributor. 4.99 USD for 10...