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Aug 21, 2019
We're excited to announce the release of our latest collab product, MOONDROP X CRINACLE DUSK, which follows the success of the highly acclaimed Blessing2 DUSK. Featuring 2DD+2BA+2Planar driver for unparalleled sound quality, this market legend is priced at just US$359. And with both a 3.5mm cable and DSP cable included, you're allowed to expand the use scenarios. Let's check more details out now!

Two Dynamic Drivers + Two Balanced Armatures + Two Planar Drivers
Building on Blessing 3’s split-composite physical frequency separation framework, DUSK replaces the balanced armature treble driver with a low-distortion, smooth-response planar treble driver and further optimizes the treble timbre through collaborative tuning, resulting in the more natural treble definition.

Fine-tuning in accordance with Crinacle’s stringent requirements is based on the solid foundation of the Blessing 3’s dual dynamic drivers, a 3D-printed physical filter acoustic structure, and a more advanced frequency crossover circuit filter.

DUSK adopts two brand-new miniature planar magnetic treble drivers on each side. Although manufacturing precision is equivalent to that of balanced armatures, the miniature planars avoid the problems of narrow bandwidth and high odd-harmonic distortion caused by balanced armature drive pins.

The DUSK’s dual miniature planar magnetic drivers deliver lower distortion, more detail, and smoother treble than equivalent balanced armatures, and are easier to drive than earphones with electrostatic drivers.

Thanks to the use of dual 10mm dynamic drivers, the maximum sound pressure of DUSK is double that of the single dynamic driver, and the diaphragm stroke under the same sound pressure is less than half, giving the bass of DUSK a larger dynamic range and lower nonlinear distortion, and significantly improving the sound quality of lower frequencies.

The symmetrical HODDDUS arrangement focuses the magnetic field at the magnetic gap of the two dynamic drivers, leveraging the same principle found in planar magnetic earphones. This not only improves energy conversion efficiency, but also further reduces nonlinear distortion.

Each of the dual dynamic drivers consists of a flexible suspension diaphragm with a paper dome, and the high damping characteristics of the paper dome ensure that the dynamic driver does not generate additional resonance due to split vibration in the mids and highs, thus offering a smooth and natural timbre.

In addition, DUSK ships with both a 3.5mm analog and a USB-C cable. The USB-C cable is compatible with PC/Android/ iOS devices, ensuring an excellent user experience in a wider range of streaming media scenarios. In addition, you're allowed to use LINK APP to explore more functions with the DUSK!

Any questions, comments, and suggestions are welcome!
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Good pricing for what it is, I may order one to try out despite being perfectly happy with my Meteor, as I have an iPhone the DSP cable option will not work but I guess the DSP will work on my Hiby R6 iii, am I correct?.
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Pre-ordered already.
Got a question regarding the DSP profiles:
Which of these profiles are the go-to style for Crinacle? Since one is named Dusk Defailt(?) and the other is named Dusk, I would guess one of these?
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What’s the bore size of these? The blessing2 dusk bore was a bit too big and uncomfortable for me.

They're a tiny bit smaller. My issue with the B2D was the grainy sound, lackluster bass, unpleasant mids and very rolled off treble. I actually lost all interest in IEMs since the B2D was my first one and every review said they were amazing. I'm interested in giving IEMs another try if the general consensus is positive, I mean these things have got to be better, right?
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Good pricing for what it is, I may order one to try out despite being perfectly happy with my Meteor, as I have an iPhone the DSP cable option will not work but I guess the DSP will work on my Hiby R6 iii, am I correct?.

Hi there seem to be a Moondrop link 2.0 beta version. It can be tested via TestFlight app.
You could check it out if DSP settings can be changed now with an iPhone.

Let us know! 😉


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