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Aug 21, 2019
MOONDROP Golden Ages Comes Out! 🎊

We're thrilled to announce the release of our latest TWS earbuds, Golden Ages, priced at US$79.99. With a classic design and uncompromising sound quality, it features a state-of-the-art 13mm planar magnetic driver, and supports LDAC, LC3, and wide-band ANC.

Golden Ages uses a newly designed 13mm planar magnetic driver with an annular magnetic circuit and annular diaphragm, in conjunction with a magnetic circuit array composed of several N55 high-performance neodymium magnets, together with an annular tiled driving circuit, delivers an effective driving range much larger than that of a dynamic driver, and greatly reduces distortion through its innovative double suspension system, further reducing split vibration by adding a rigid equalizing structure, thus achieving amazing performance that is perfect for TWS.


The super-linear full-frequency planar magnetic driver combined with the brand-new high-thrust flagship chip results in a significant improvement in hardware quality. Sound reproduction and the listening experience are fully optimized through physical adjustment and fine-tuning with powerful DSP.

Through the collaborative efforts of the MOONDROP R&D department with its advanced electroacoustic testing environment, and the meticulous tuning carried out by highly skilled audio professionals, Golden Ages delivers the uncompromising sound quality that has always been the goal of MOONDROP.


Golden Ages supports the widely used LDAC high-definition lossless audio transmission protocol, which can transmit 24 bits/96 kHz at bit rates as high as 990kbps, thus fully meeting the dynamic range and broadband requirements of the hardware.

The LC3 encoding and decoding protocol supporting the new generation Bluetooth LE Audio, when paired with devices that are also compatible with standard LC3, achieves not only much lower latency than traditional Bluetooth but also excellent high-fidelity signal transmission.


Other than that, Golden Ages offers a shallow ear fit that is more comfortable than standard in-ear headphones and can be used by users with small ear canals. Discover the unique wireless listening experience offered by Golden Ages. We warmly invite you to test it out and see for yourself what sets it apart.

Any questions, comments, and suggestions are welcome!
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@MOONDROP - It's great that it works for users with small ear canals, but I have the opposite problem, large ear canals, so my concern is that if these are designed for small ear canals than they will NOT be stable in my ears and will fall out like AirPods do. :frowning2:

Will users with large ear canals need third-party ear tips to get a seal and a secure fit?

If so, will they fit in the case?

Thanks! :)
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I deconstructed Symbio Hybrid Foam tips for AirPods Pro and inserted them into the stock Golden Ages tips. This provided more structure for I would say better’ish bass. It helped with some isolation as well to be less reliant on the ANC that colored the low end.

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