moondrop blessing 3
  1. 1832vin

    lost my Katos.... when do you think the blessing 3 dusk will come out? or should i try something else?

    I lost my katos, the blessing 3 has caught my attention, but it being a "side grade" isn't too appealing for my money... especially since it's not "cheap" by many measures so it's a decision on how long a crinale collab usually take, and how many months can i stop listening music for, or...
  2. Apos Audio

    The Moondrop Blessing 3 Hybrid IEM - Now Available at Apos Audio

    Hi all, Here's the IEM upgrade we are all waiting for from Moondrop. Presenting the Moondrop Blessing 3 Hybrid IEM. This impressive in-ear monitor combines 2DD+4BA drivers with a groundbreaking H.O.D.D.D.U.S. module to deliver an authentic, open, and textured sound. Designed for audiophiles...
  3. Sebastien Chiu

    The Moondrop Blessing 3 is Now Available to Pre-Order from is proud to to be supporting the launch of the Blessing 3 with pre-orders available now! The follow-up to Moondrop's most successful in-ear monitors ever, the Moondrop Blessing 2 is finally here in the Moondrop Blessing 3. Featuring a 2 dynamic drivers and 4 balanced armatures...

    The blessing has returned and it's only getting better: blessing 3 is up to the game

    On top of critically acclaimed blessing 2, we made several additions. No worries, it's the same blessing you know, only better with better sensitivity, even greater SPL and a new, mirror finished stainless steel faceplate. On top of that, we reduced the bore diameter from 6.5 to 5.8, make it...