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The Audio Technica W3000ANV Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by macedonianhero, Oct 4, 2012.
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  1. up late
    i also feel conflicted about it, but when i look at those gorgeous echizen lacquered cups, any thought of selling it seems almost distasteful
  2. wrecked_porsche

    Same here. Couldn't agree more.

    I prefer my W11JPN over the W3000, but damn, those yummy glossy woodcups and the overall W3000 look and feel just oozes pure class and elegance. Makes my W11jpn feel like a cheap inferior quality knockoff toy. :wink: :D

    Can't bring myself to do it....
  3. Failed Engineer
    Yup.  I recognize the technical greatness of the SR-009, but I personally prefer the more physical and gritty HD800 along with 90% of what the SR-009 does well..  I think I just prefer a different sound than the SR-009 because I'd also take a properly driven SR-007 mk1 over it as well.
  4. r one
    I would like to tell you one thing.
    Since 3 years my listenings are shared between a TH900 and a W3000. The Fostex is a damn good cans for dynamic and engage sound. On the other way, when I feel tired, i prefer this gorgeous W3000 for their unique smoothness and relax sound.
    If you want these two qualities in one can, i would very highly recommend to you to have a listen with the Kennerton Odin. This headphone is unique and absolutely gorgeous. A kind of synthesis of the two.
  5. up late

    likewise, although i'd take the utopia over both the hd800/s and sr-009
  6. daigo
    I've pretty much used my W3000ANV daily since I bought them when they were released and the leather was starting to degrade and tear at the thin areas along the sides so I bought some replacement ones for when they do fall apart.  Haven't gotten tired of the sound yet, even if I have purchased other headphones since (Enigmas and TH-X00's).  Can't imagine ever letting go of my pair.  
  7. Mshenay
    I just have to ask, has any one heard of or know of another Flagship in the works from ATH? Sony just launched a brand new Wood Back Flagship, an I've yet to see anything from ATH aside from the W1000Z, which is by no means a flag ship :/
    that said, nice to see the W3000ANV is still getting some daily chatter 
  8. up late
    the sony mdr-z1r's ear cups are made from paper
  9. tk3
    I had the exact same thing with my pads (see my signature thread if you want to see what it looks like), and I babied them. I'm convinced this is a design flaw in those pads.
    Luckily it doesn't affect them functionally, it's just the outer layer that peels off a bit.
  10. kushanukum
    I don't think it's a flagship but there is a review on HEADFONICS FOR THE AZ2000Z
  11. walfredo
    I missed that. :)  Which one is this Sony?
  12. up late
    mdr-zr1 - it's a stunning design and delivers sonically by all reports. i'm keen to give it an audition - hopefully in the next couple of weeks.
  13. walfredo
    But, is it made of wood?
  14. up late
    no it isn't, as i said earlier on this page :wink:
  15. walfredo
    ah!!  missed that. :)
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