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The Audio Technica W3000ANV Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by macedonianhero, Oct 4, 2012.
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  1. mink70
    Hi, I'm hearing a slight channel imbalance in my pair of Annies. Anyone know how to address/fix this?
    Never mind, figured it out. It was the pads not sealing.
  2. ozz007
    If any of the cases for the w3000any still available for sale please send me a pm.
    Thank you
  3. vlach

    Same here. I have toyed with thee idea of selling them to finance the HE-1000 but one look at them and i somehow can't bring myself to do it. They are unique and a collector item. Anyway, how much are these going for lately when mint?
  4. up late
    i've seen these going for between $1,200 and $1,300 usd in the fs thread here ranging from very good to mint condition.

    i unboxed mine tonight for a listen (they're not my "go to" can) and they look and sound lovely as always.
  5. up late

    that's how i regard them too
  6. vlach

    Ok, good to know, thanks. I notice Amazon has 2 pairs going for $2000 so i wanted a sanity check.
  7. up late
  8. milkdudd
    Obviously just about everybody on this thread owns or has at least heard the A/T anniversaries, a given. I'm guessing at least half have probably heard or own the AKG 702. Question is does the Sennheiser HD 800S somewhat combine the best qualities of both? I would think there are people on this thread that are familiar with all three of these headphones. All comments welcome. Thanks.
  9. up late
    i've not heard the akg702 but i have auditioned the hd800s a couple of times. similarities between its presentation and the w3000anv's didn't come to mind tbh.
    milkdudd likes this.
  10. walfredo
    I had a W3000 and a 702.  The are very different different.  Almost opposite.  The W3000 is very cozy and lush.  The 702 has much more space though.
    Haven't heard the 800 enough to have a solid opinion.  It feels closer to the 702, for what I can tell.
    Omarosa likes this.
  11. Xymordos
    Same for me, Hong Kong's weather is not good for keeping these wood and leather cans around. Was worried that they might break so I thought about selling them, but I can't bear to lose that lovely lacquer.
  12. vlach

    I haven't heard the AKG 702 but i have the HD800 and it has no ressemblance to the W3000 sound character whatsoever. I agree with the previous comment that the W3000 is cosy and lush. Technically the HD800 is vastly superior with a much broader midrange, better resolution and superior timbre. In the end i think they complement each other well by being so different.
    For me it's the HD800 for classical and 'some' jazz (especially sax) and the W3000 for instrumental/acoustical guitar.
    milkdudd likes this.
  13. milkdudd
    That's exactly the type of response I was hoping to get. Looking for something to listen to in addition to my w3000anv, not replace it. I think an HD 800 S would be more of a day-to-day listening where the AT would be used occasionally. I always keep it in the original package and it's a bit of a ceremony to take it out and put it back each time. The AT's push my OCD to the next level. Thanks again.
  14. vlach

    Ha ha, too funny...my ceremonial actually involves the HD800, i always leave them in the original box to protect the drivers from dust due to the open back design and it is always a special event everytime i take them out of the box for a listening session...5 years later and i still get a whiff of the original factory smell too :blush:

    Glad i could help.
  15. up late
    i preferred the hd800s to the hd800 but either would provide you with a contrasting sound signature to the w3000anv
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