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The Audio Technica W3000ANV Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by macedonianhero, Oct 4, 2012.
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  1. up late
    yes they have been - they were a limited edition model :wink:
  2. AppleheadMay
    I can't see the XCs as being better than the W3000ANV, they couldn't be more different sounding.Both are fine cans.
    I heard the Mc headphones through the Mc amp and I rank them way below the above mentioned models, more in the league of the EL-8C or TH-500RP.
  3. figaro69
    Your opinion...my opinion...and never the twain shall meet!
  4. AppleheadMay

    Opinions can differ for sure but comparing a W3000 with an LCD is pretty useless since they have a totally different sound signature.
    Saying a Porsche is better than a Ferrari (or vice versa) makes sense but comparing a Porsche to a Rolls doesn't.
  5. figaro69
    LCD-XC doesn't sound anything like any other Audezes I've heard.  I've never cared for the thick, in-your face, mid-centric, warm-as-your-momma's embrace character of the general Audeze sound.  I guess they forgot to apply the all-purpose house sauce to the LCD-XC mix.  I listen exclusively to classical music.  With this type of music it is MHP > LCD-XC > ATH-3000anv.  Mind you, the ATHs are not slouches, but the other two win the day for me.  Morever, the sound stage of the ATHs is the smaller of the three.
  6. up late
    the audeze house sound that you describe doesn't apply to the lcd-4 either so maybe it's changing
  7. AppleheadMay
    Never heard the 4 but the 3 and XC were pretty similar to me, I had a hard time choosing between the two and I liked both.
    The 2 was not to my taste though.
  8. up late
    i've heard the lcd-2 and lcd-3. the lcd-4 had a clarity that they didn't. it was e-stat like.
  9. musicman59
    I just got a LCD-4 at home as a loaner for a week. It was the 200 ohm version. I also own the SR-009 and had art be same time the Utopia also as a loaner.
    Honestly I was dissaponted on the LCD-4 because I was expecting the sound you describe and actually got the sound signature of the LCD series (2 and 3). Maybe not a thick as the LCD-2 and closer to the LCD-3 but on the same line. At least that was my experience with this pair.

    The source was a Mac Mjni dedicated server running JRiver, Bricasti M1 DAC and the amps were WA5-LE, MHA100 and Wells Enigma.
  10. up late
    i was comparing the lcd-4 to the sr-007 at the time of audition. they were comparable to my ears. the lcd4 was a significant improvement over the lcd-3 sonically for me, which was surprising. ymmv etc.
  11. musicman59
    That makes more sense. The SR-007 has a darker sound compared to the SR-009.
  12. up late
    the lcd-4's treble was more prominent as I recall. the sr-007 had a darker presentation with looser bass but clarity was comparable, however. i've not heard the sr-009 unfortunately.
  13. Arcamera

    Just curious: which did you prefer-- the Stax 9 or the Utopia?
  14. Shure or bust
    Is there any point in picking up the 3000 if i already own the w1000z and w5000 ? Besides collecting of course.
  15. AppleheadMay

    Yes. The 5000 isn't all that highly regarded in the AT range. The 1000 is a fine entry into AT phones, IMO better than the 5000, seen in the context of AT woodies.
    The W3000 is totally different and has very dreamy mids, wonderful with vocals. Don't expect a correct or neutral sound, that's not what AT woodies are about.
    And if you want the best phones for rock, go for the L3000.
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