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The Audio Technica W3000ANV Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by macedonianhero, Oct 4, 2012.
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  1. AppleheadMay
    If anyone needs some spare original pads by the way ... W3000ANV pads
  2. dallan Contributor
    I've had mine since just after the release and listening to them now:blush:
  3. Mach3
    I've been a happy owner for 2 years and loving it. Fat, fat chance I will be selling mine.
    The other woodies will get too lonely.
    Maxx134 likes this.
  4. r one
    Wow ! Impressive :sunglasses:
  5. Arcamera
    I've had them for a couple of years and still am a fan. For a lot of us, they're pretty special. I've been listening to other cans more lately (the new toy thing) but every time I go back to them I'm impressed.
  6. up late
    just listened to mine. they are dreamy.
  7. r one
    Not the best i've heard but so unique
    It's A real pleasure each time i use it.
  8. AppleheadMay
    I just remember I have this stored away.

    Since I have no AT phones anymore maybe it should find a new home ...
    (not my pics by the way)
  9. Mach3

    You have PM
  10. r one
    I have the same :wink:
  11. AppleheadMay
    Any idea what it's worth?
  12. r one
    No i don't. I had this case included when i bought the headphone :wink:
  13. AppleheadMay
    The W3000? It's surely not deliverd standard with it.
  14. r one
    No it was an option as a gift offered by beach camera, the californian audio-technica official dealer.
  15. figaro69
    The ATH-3000ANVs are a great set of cans, but they have been superseded.  The LCD-XCs are much better (i.e., the Audeze headphones for people who hate Audeze), but better still are the Mcintosh MHP-1000s.  Mcintosh has hit a home run with these.  Driven by the McIntosh headphone Amp (MHA-100) it is quite an experience. 
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