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The Audio Technica W3000ANV Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by macedonianhero, Oct 4, 2012.
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  1. scott5526
    Lately I've been thinking about picking up a Svetlana 2 for my w3000anv[​IMG], but I wasn't sure what dac would mix well with the svetlana.  Anybody have any ideas?  
  2. filuS
    So far I only had 2 DACs along side my Svetlana2 + W3000 combo - Matrix X-Sabre and Yulong DA8. If I had a chance to pick X-Sabre again, I wouldn't hesitate to ditch my DA8 any time of the day. But since both needed to be imported and I didn't want to go through all the troubles again, I am fine with DA8 for now. In couple of months I will be buying Auralic Vega anyway. In short - X-Sabre reveals more details, has slightly more air and space. It's not like DA8 is bad, not at all - I just prefer X-Sabre all the way with Svetlana2 and W3000 :)
  3. r one
    recently i've tested the Beresford Caïman MkII with my w3000. I was impressed by the dynamic of this cheap combo dac/amp. Sound was very very pleasant and close to my stack violectric. But mids and treble were veiled in comparison with my violectric amp. What a pitty ! For the price, this Beresford do a very great job.
  4. scott5526
    Thanks for your impressions!
  5. walfredo

    While I had them, the DAC that played better was the Aune T1 with good tubes.  I also tried Fiio X3, Geek Pulse, Peachtree Nova.
  6. Ra97oR
    Posted a review wall of text about these headphones. Haven't been wow'd that much since the SR-009.

  7. up late
    nice review. we hear this can similarly.
  8. Dopaminer
    If anyone is searching for a 3000ANV, I have unearthed a new one here in Tokyo.  I`ll be putting it up for auction on Ebay, but feel free to pm me if you are interested.  It`s number 0638 and is not pre-owned . . .   
    Some pics: https://www.flickr.com/gp/davad/5pJ53i/
  9. paulchiu
    Would you have one that is still factory sealed?
  10. Dopaminer
    No, it`s been opened.  Probably the shop just wanted to get rid of it, so they opened packing box and put it in their used section. . . 
  11. dreamwhisper
    Lol, that's bizarre logic. :frowning2:
  12. Mach3
    Can you PM the listing?
  13. Dopaminer
    I also used to think so, but actually it`s totally logical and happens all the time here, and was explained to me by a manager at Apple Computer, Japan : distributors/manufacturers have strict rules limiting the amount a retailer can discount a new item.  There comes a point where the retailer can make more profit from selling old stock off at `used` prices, and ordering new stock, than if they hang on trying to sell their old stock at `authorized` prices.  That`s how I bought my Fitear Parterre.  As soon as I bought it from the shop`s used section, they simply opened another new one and put it in its place.  I purchased my MacBook Pro this same way - the inner packaging had never been opened, only the shipping box.  Another way for shops to get around this is simply by doing sudden, unadvertised `sales`, with below-the-limit prices.  If you go tech-shopping in Japan - audio, PCs, cameras, whatever -  you`ll find shops with remarkably low prices for brand-new, sealed items, written on post-it notes, totally temporary, not advertised on line, etc. 
    PM sent. 
    tk3 likes this.
  14. up late
    that's gotta be the last new w3000anv on earth :wink:
  15. Dopaminer

    Well, for the sake of my auction, I hope so ! 
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