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The Audio Lounge

  1. capnjack
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  2. HungryPanda
    Cliff Moore's album is pretty good
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  3. Dobrescu George
    I made a new video, this time about the JDS Labs Atom Amplifier. I got a new haircut as well this time around...

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  4. Whazzzup
    Funny theme but serious. Buddy best solo!

  5. majo123
    To any of you that have a fiio m11 there has just been an update,... I'm literally on the first track but is it me or does it seem a bit more smooth? A bit more full sounding ? Possibly ever so slightly lost a little glare in the treble? In a good way :)...... Maybe just my brain though.
  6. Jackpot77
    Which version are you on now? 1.06 or a higher one?
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  7. jerick70
    iBasso did this with the DX200 way back when. I'm guessing it is smother and darker.
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  8. majo123
    1.06.... Is this not so new? As I have connected to WiFi a few times but this is the first time it's come up with firmware upgrade so I presumed it was very new..????? Anyway I do think the treble has smoothed for the better, still is a fantastic functioning dap.
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  9. Jackpot77
    My update triggered at Canjam London, so end of July? It's not a big difference, bit now you mention it, I think there may have been a slight tweak in terms of fullness, thinking back to my initial impressions. Not sure if I'm just imagining it, though.
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  10. majo123
    ... Cheers... Maybe placebo But I think it's very slight but enough to take that cold edge off, but could be brain burn in too... Anyway I'm glad I got it back, it does lean to the bright side but it was just not a great match with the rui....too fatiguing.
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  11. majo123
    While I'm popping in I'm listening to some Paul Weller/The Jam tonight so heres this fantastic track.
  12. majo123
    And another

  13. capnjack
    He’s really nice guy too, lives locally and teaches guitar occasionally at the local college. :)
  14. Whazzzup
  15. Richsvt
    Was talking to @KEV G about optics in the last couple days. Got me thinking about the activities I used to indulge in way back and how I lost some appreciation for past hobbies. Decided to get a decent pair of binos out tonight to do some deep sky scanning (been nice weather, cool and dry and clear nights). Finished a bunch of yard work and enjoying some tunes and a beer to celebrate. Here's to old hobbies forgotten but never lost.

    Shanling M2X and Meze Noir

    Resolux 10x50 HD
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