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The Astell and Kern AK240 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by visceriouszero, Feb 8, 2014.
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  1. ironpeg
  2. hyde27
    AK240 v1.34
  3. tarainfo
    Has anyone updated to 1.34
    Your impressions please
    Thank you
  4. jupiterianvibe
    anybody tried 200gb cards with AK240? Can Ak240 hadle it even though official docs say it is only 128gb capable??
  5. artpiggo

    Tried my friend's 200 sandisk. Worked.
    jupiterianvibe likes this.
  6. hyde27
    Work well
    jupiterianvibe likes this.
  7. Buddhahacker
    I've used both Sandisk and Samsung with no issues.  
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  8. tetsuomastermai
    I've read that Tidal will be available on AK240 for the next update. Is someone have Any news about Qobuz integration ?
  9. kamson
    Update is already available with Tidal included.
  10. tetsuomastermai
    Happy to hear that. I Will try it soon, thanks for the information kamson :wink:
  11. xrobbo
    Can one stream through Tidal or only buy albums like with Qobuz?
    I've seen both are classified as 'Store' in the ak240.
  12. kamson
    You have only Steam option in Tidal on ak240. I am missing download possibility as on PC/mobile.
  13. a1uc
    Picked up ak240 used and I sure do like this little player , can anyone tell me if the dock is only for charging or can it be used to transfer music
  14. ironpeg
    Dock is just a fancy USB cable. No need for it.
  15. a1uc
    thanks figured it out , I was having an issue with my pc and could not read the storage on the 240
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