The Astell and Kern AK240 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by visceriouszero, Feb 8, 2014.
  1. muziq
    "Improved operational stability" plus something having to do with the AK Ripper. The latter means nothing to me, but am interested also in what the update could affect. I'm wondering whether this might be the last or one of the last updates to this system. Has anyone heard how much longer AK plans to support the 240?
  2. baldric555
    Seems like end the end of playing a folder (and probably playlists and tracks too), it automatically loops back to track 1 regardless of the loop setting, which is annoying.
  3. burtomr
    Mine does not go back to track 1, just stops after the last track in the folder has played....just like previous FW.
  4. muziq
    No changes to sound quality or anything else?
  5. baldric555
    From the main menu, if I go to "Folder", then navigate to my album of choice, scroll down the track list and notice how many tracks there are, and then select "Play All", when I then go to the playlist button (top right), there is now another "empty" track appended to the list and its when it hits this that it automatically loops back to track 1. I never noticed this behaviour on previous firmwares.
    Can anyone else confirm that this happens to them too?
  6. JimmyPlant
    I wondered if you could help me with my newly acquired AK240 - it won't play any DSD,DFF or DSF files that I put on it but works otherwise perfectly (it's second hand) and I wondered if I'm doing something wrong
    Many thanks

  7. Vicks7
    All, where can I get a cable to connect my AK240 to a Woo GES amp? I think a mini to RCA cable. Would the cable run from the balanced or single ended out of the AK240?
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  8. styks
    Hey folks,
    Just a quickl to save me trawling.
    First time on this thread.
    I currently own a chord poly/mojo and SQ is excellent.
    I'm planing on doing a few long distance hikes and need to keep they weight down
    as im no spring chicken. Thought about buying an AK 120 II, if 1 can find one or the 240 but that'
    a bit more of stretch of course. To fund it I would have to part with my current combo.
    I actually and thankfully still have excellent hearing, ok no doubt lost some range but I can still hear the
    difference between cables, folks who know me make sure I'm well out of whiser range, ha ha.

    What are your thoughts?
    I enjoy my Mojo mainly with classical piano / violin and the likes of Ludovico Einaudi and Violin from Nemaja Radulovic for more modern interpretation.
    As long as im not stepping down too much or if at all, I'd be a happy chap.

    Oh and importantly, reason for those choices I use Qobuz streaming and import for offline use, not sure if they're streaming only though?

    I'd appreciate it, wading through posts has not really helped so far..

    Edit. ... forgot to add I use Noble Kaiser Encore IEM. For pairing advice too if poss. please
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  9. muziq
    In my experience, which is AK240 with and without Mojo, I think during critical listening you'd find a slight narrowing of the sound stage with Encores vs a phone+Mojo or AK+Mojo, but if your goal is primarily to have a hiking rig then it could make sense. Would a phone+Mojo really put you over the top in terms of a hiking rig?

    My point--the almost unavoidable sounds of walking (sound traveling through your body from footfalls, cable-clothing microphonics, etc) don't seem to warrant buying a all-in-one DAP that may not deliver what you already are getting from the Mojo. Unless I'm missing something, I think this might be at best a lateral move and could potentially lessen your enjoyment when you're in a more focused and quiet listening situation. I mean, you didn't list any Cookie Monster Metal among your listening preferences; at rest you might find the AK-only a little lacking.

    Don't get me wrong: the AK120 and 240 are great DAPs, but I wouldn't toss a Mojo to get one. Not with Encores anyway. Even after adding the Red Wine mods to my 240, I still prefer adding the Mojo most of the time--on the go or sitting still.

    Good luck!
  10. styks
    Thank you for your thoughts.
    Yes I'm leaning towards keeping the Mojo.
    I take your points. The Mojo has the Poly unit attached and it is quite weighty
    It's surprising how the grams add up when you have your home on your back.
    Using phone as a source would be awkward with the rucksack straps compressng pockets etc.
    Also, I found when coupled close to my phone RFI was intrusive, separating with a longer cable, as above, awkward.
    Yes agree, sound propagation will be an issue while moving but I expect that, nice in the tent after 16+ miles though.
    I can tell when I'm tense, tight jaw, tension in neck etc becoming audible, i can become quite tense unknowingly and it's a useful indicator.
    I contemplated uprading my phone to the LG V30, I'm not familiar with modern phones to be honest but that one has a 32bit ESS Sabre ES9218P.
    What that means on it's own within a phone, not knowing amp stage etc etc I've no clue without hearing it. But its an option for travel I suppose and keep my Poly/Mojo (affectionately known as Polyjo) for short walks.

    Thanks you've helped, I had a feeling this would be most folks thoughts.
    I'll think on it some more and wait on other suggestions / advice
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  11. muziq
    LOL. I misunderstood.

    When I read "long hikes" = me walking a couple miles into the woods, then returning to my car so I can flop down on the sofa that night with a beer and a cucumber peel.

    Sounds like for you, "long hikes" = "Hey man, I might see you next month! And don't worry, I have my bear-wrestling gloves with me."

    In which case opting for an all-in-one DAP makes a lot of sense. A good friend of mine has an AK120II; we spent time one night testing them across different IEMs and cables, and found that in many ways the 120II held its own against my RWAK240+. Neither of us felt they were equals, but close enough to make me second-guess the money I spent on the Red Wine mods. My point being that AK's mid-level DAPs are a good value, and I hear really great things about the AK70II--which you can get new for the same price as a used 120II.
  12. olddude
    The 120ll was a 120 with 240 guts. So it's gonna sound like a 240. There might be minor differences, but basically the same. I've heard bass might be slightly better. My 240SS had a different sound than did my 120ll, mostly in clarity and some added brightness. But it wasn't an oh my god difference, more I like the difference difference. Now my SP1000SS is a big difference from the 240SS (and the 120ll), in all sorts of areas. THAT is an oh my god difference. The 120ll is a great DAP, especially if you find one used. I'm considering selling my 240SS, which would also be a great deal at a reasonable used price.
  13. Buddhahacker
    I remember reading years ago that the 120II had 240 guts. I also remembered that at the time many folks liked the original 120 versus the 120II. Weird.
  14. frankrondaniel
    Doesn't look like this thread is very active, but In case anyone's looking (and interested!), I'm listing my AK240 for sale. Only selling because I obtained an AK380.
  15. madFloyd
    How much of an upgrade in sonics between the two units?

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