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The Astell and Kern AK240 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by visceriouszero, Feb 8, 2014.
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  1. a1uc
    I am sure this was already discussed but has anyone compared the 240 to the 380 what are advantages ? was the sound that much better ?
  2. jupiterianvibe
    I am running out of storage space on the device so I decided to give a shot to MQS Server but just realized with one of the updates since I got the player MQS button is gone. I installed the MQS server on the computer, server is running. I found AK Connect but when I refresh the list on the player, the server does not show up. Both the server and player are connected to same wireless network. Any advise on how to do this?
    It is unfortunate AK does not update user manuals for upgraded firmwares.
    edit: Just saw that MQS server must be connected via cable to the router. I think this is the problem.
  3. TurbinePro
    Absolutely stunning device and shines with my k3003s. 
  4. Random Lunatic
    Has anyone else experienced some mild popping every few seconds (kind of like LP grain/noise) when running as USB dac? I cant seem to isolate the issue... My best bet at this point is that its down to USB connections in general just being somewhat poor, but I dont have the issue with other dacs, even though with the AK its relatively consistent across computers.
    At first it seemed related to the EQ - it was less frequent when it was off. But now I've narrowed it down to some USB cables being more prone than others (my white samsung cable being the worst) but all can do it every now and then. I've never experienced a USB dac being that sensitive. I'm wondering if something like a JitterBug could help, though I doubt it.
    AK's support has so far been unable to assist sadly. It seemed to me that it started after the latest update, but I'm not entirely certain...
  5. olddude
    Just a thought, but are you using the supplied USB cable?  You mention the Samsung being the worst.  If there's a variation in cables, then perhaps search for a cable that has minimum or no popping.  
  6. jwbrent
    I am enjoying having TIDAL on my 240SS, but I hope there is a further update by A&K. The gapless function doesn't appear to work with TIDAL, so there are extended gaps, clicks, and other such weirdness between tracks, but not on a consistent basis.
    As to the form factor of the 240, I prefer the smaller size and the angular design, though, the new stainless steel 380 has me salivating. [​IMG]
  7. kokmeng
    Well, just want to confirm this.

    Can we fit AK240 and SE846 with Whiplash TWag V3 8 Conductor into Pelican 1020?

  8. x RELIC x Contributor
    Sorry for replying to an old post.. Tidal doesn't support gapless on any portable device that I'm aware of.

    Here's their official statement about gapless:

    The clicks and 'other weirdness' aren't cool though. For the record I don't get any weirdness, just some pauses once in a while but that's nothing unexpected for a streaming service, IMO.
    Last edited: Apr 30, 2017
  9. jwbrent
    Thank you for your informative reply.
  10. paparazzi mano
    Hi guys and gals

    Is it worth getting a AK240SS second hand now?

    Many thanks
  11. olddude
    I kept mine when I got the SP1000. Couldn't let it go, too nice a device.

    So, yes. Just make sure the volume knob is working correctly, as some do have that issue. Not all, so don't be scared away.
  12. paparazzi mano
    Thanks so much for your advice Olddude. What do you think of around USD1,500? Do you use an amp with it? Cheers
  13. olddude
    Decent price for a pristine device. You might find one for a bit less if you look around for a while. I do not use an amp, as I use IEM's.

    Currently it is going into my AV receiver via optical as a transport for all of my music in my living room>stereo speakers. But I previously used it as a portable with no issues. Very good device, was $3K two years ago.

    It's been replaced for that use by my Astell SP1000SS
  14. Watagump
    Logging in to give credit where credit is due. On Saturday I dropped my AK240, it landed face down, when I picked it up and turned it over, not good. The glass had shattered, I knew it was going to be just cosmetic and it was. Anyhow, Monday rolls around and I do some digging to find that Iriver Inc is about 10 minutes away from my house. So I cruise on over, walk in a guy comes to speak with me and its Owen, I knew him from the shows, told him we have met etc etc. I asked about getting the glass fixed and figured it would be around $200, ended up being $191, paid that figuring it would either be sent out or fixed there, I was prepared for both, this is where it gets good, Owen goes to a rack and grabs a AK240 Blue Note, asks me if I had my music backed up, I do, so I walk out with a Blue Note unit, no downtime and its BLUE, what could be better. That's what I call taking care of a customer, of course not everything is perfect, the case is ugly. :stuck_out_tongue: But overall, I have a much better matching setup, visually of course. Owen if you read this, thanks man.

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  15. KeithK
    See AK released firmware 1.36 for the 240. Has anyone applied it yet? Thanks.
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