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The all new Continental Dual Mono

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by kb, Mar 26, 2015.
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  1. bflat
    Your CDM should have it, but if want to confirm there is a pic here:


    This was a DIY, but the resistor location will be the same on yours and there should be something other than a resistor on those 2 locations that you see with the wires in the pic. Assuming you have it, then I think the possibilities of issues are 1) CCK if you don't have the newest one, 2) the specific app you are using 3) usb cable.
  2. thecrow
    Thanks - i’ll have a look at the cdm when I’m back hone.
    I neglected to mention that the (momentary) drop outs appear to be only with tidal
  3. thecrow
    9C844A8E-9859-4C24-BC56-72897DB53857.jpeg @bflat
    Here is a photo of my board. Does that show if there is the “r” mod on this?
  4. bflat
    Yes, you have 0 ohm resistors on R90 and R91 so you have the "R" mod.
  5. thecrow
    thanks for the prompt response and your help

    another member here did say there has been some ios issues when it comes to some dac/amps and daps with ios11

    i will also try streaming tidal with the alo green usb cable to see if that changes anything (ie my small usb cable is the issue)

    many thanks
    peter t
  6. tracyca
    Does anyone know what is the max heater ma for the CDM? The Raytheon 6832 is 400ma.
  7. bflat
    My quick impression of the "Big Fattie" 6BF7 tubes:

    From just the description I was expecting more mid bass emphasis than I like but went ahead and ordered a pair since they are on sale and I needed more PCBs for my incoming Ratheon 6021. Have no fear! The "enhanced bass" is in the lower bass, but not extending to sub bass. It's somewhere between subtle and obvious which means the ALO house sound is still there. It's a nice warmth and punch to lower bass frequencies. Mids are pretty much neutral maybe even laid back a little. Highs are nicely extended and spacious. If you are looking for a little more weight and bass punch without the dreaded bleed into the mids, the 6BF7 are worth a listen, especially on sale. Operating temps are good too - warm, but not hot.

    I tested with my Laylas and just may keep these in for a while but I'll be testing the Ratheon 6021 shortly.
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  8. vlach
    Good to know about the sale, it piqued my interest for trying a new tube flavor. My understanding is that the CDM ships with 6111 tubes however looking through the glass window i see the numbers 8652 on my tubes so i'm a little confused because i don't even see that tube option on the ALO website. Thoughts?
    Last edited: Jan 25, 2018
  9. bflat
    I think stock tubes should be Phillips 6111. The 8652 is most likely a date code maybe week 52 1986?
  10. vlach
    You're probably right. I took this macro shot and i think it reads 6111WA (horizontally) which corresponds to the Phillips they sell for $39, currently on sale for $29.
    I'm tempted by the 6BF7, however being double triodes they apparently consume much more power. I'm also curious about the other options like 6832 or Sonotones...can't decide really.
  11. vlach
    Just ordered the 6832s. As much as i was tempted by the 6BF7, being a midrange freak i feared the added bass weight would shift the tonal balance 'away' from mids. Totally taking a chance here without knowing what to expect. Who knows, maybe i will prefer them over the 6111s but even if i don't at least i will have back up tubes. I see this as a low risk purchase. Will report back.
  12. bflat
    Good choice! Yeah the BF didn't do anything to mids for me but the 6832 will give you some lush forward mids.
  13. vlach
  14. seedubchris

    How do the big fatty's compare to the Mullards?
  15. bflat
    I only have 6021 Mullards. Compared to BF, the bass is more accurate and the sub bass is better heard. I would not say bass is fast though - still a little liquid. I think some of the warmth and punch in the BF may cover up the sub bass. This is more pronounced with BA IEMs than dynamic drivers. Mullards have more forward mids, but a pinch less than 6832. The Mullard highs are little more crisp than BF which may not suite everyone's tastes.

    I am no tube expert but it seems the 6021 are all military JW grade tubes which have much tighter tolerances than consumer tubes. I think the 6021 have the most accurate presentation on the CDM. Again, not everybody is looking for that.

    So far my tube rolling has covered:
    • Sonotone 5719
    • Telefunken 5719
    • Mullard 6021
    • 6BF7
    • Ratheon 6832
    • Ratheon 6021 (in process)
    Can't say I have a favorite due to different sources and headgear I use. Ironically, I never even tried stock and have no idea what I did with those tubes LOL.
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