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The all new Continental Dual Mono

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by kb, Mar 26, 2015.
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  1. fordski
    Thank you, that answers my question. My main reason is that if you use the default setting of 3V by holding down the volume up and down buttons on power on the next time you power on without holding the buttons down it goes back to the original volume setting, which is what I prefer. However if you adjust the line out level that becomes the default power on volume and can give a nasty volume level if using connecting the mojo directly to IEMs if you forget to readjust the volume. I've done that a couple of times and it's not pleasant!
  2. tracyca
    20180219_184830.jpg New toys!
  3. tracyca
  4. tracyca
  5. tracyca
  6. tracyca
  7. tracyca
  8. tracyca
    The tube parade!
  9. seedubchris
    what are the ones that are not marked?
  10. tracyca
    They are RCA 6021 with black plates.
  11. tracyca
    New tube just came in! 20180220_112312.jpg
  12. Bosk
    I recently picked up a CDM and have been hugely impressed. To my ears the sound is far less fatiguing than my Vorzuge Pure II which is now up for sale.

    The only drawbacks I've found other than the heat levels produced is the sound is quite smeared until the tubes have had 5 - 10 minutes to warm up (and seem to require an hour or more to sound their best), and despite the amp resolving as much or more detail than the Pure II the presentation is a touch soft or rounded. However I expect that to change after I start rolling tubes, though the 6111s do seem better than most new production Chinese or Russian tubes that ship with many tube amps which can sound hard and brittle.
    The CDM is comparatively large and heavy for a portable amp and ergonomics are not ideal with inputs and outputs at different ends. It is fantastically well built though, and the ergonomic quirks fade from notice when the music starts with the one exception of the volume knob that becomes incredibly hot after the amp has been running for a few hours. I will shop around for a substitute hardwood volume knob which should help.

    Thank you ALO audio for rekindling my love of tubes!
  13. seedubchris
    If you can get a set of mullards in your cdm it should wake up nicely . Many people find improvement switching to mullards from stock .
  14. Bosk
    Thanks seedubchris, I will keep on the lookout for a pair. Does the CDM change character much with quality NOS tubes in there or do you find the improvements relatively minor?
  15. vlach
    I recently ordered the 6832s and i can't really tell them apart from stock. Oh well, at least i have a back up pair.
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