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The all new Continental Dual Mono

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by kb, Mar 26, 2015.
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  1. tracyca
    If anybody has extra pairs of tubes and wants to sell them, I am looking for more tubes. Alo hasn't added any new tubes lately.
  2. tracyca
    Saturday Me, CDM, IE800s having a great time bumping Bay Area Legend San Quinn! Loving this set up!
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2018
  3. Malevolent
    Well, to be honest, the sound I'm hearing from my solid state amps, like the Rx, is just as addictive, just not as lush sounding. That liquid, sweet midrange really adds a touch of character to vocal-driven genres. 80s rock? Yummy.

    You're right, the CDM can be seen as the bigger, albeit older, brother of the CV5. Still, the latter is a lot more pocketable, as you have mentioned. I find lugging the CDM around to be quite a bother, especially since it's paired with a DAP, which makes the stack way too huge to move about in peace and comfort. Plus.. I'm a sucker for ALO's amps. :wink:
  4. tracyca
    The tubes I'm liking the most are Raytheon 6832 I scored off ALO. The only down side is the CDM gets real hot but it is worth it.
  5. seedubchris
    Does anyone know if Telefunken made pencil tubes that would work in the CDM? I would love to try those. Trayca. have you compared the Mullards with the raytheons?
  6. Seamaster
    Yes, Telefunken made those tubes as well, but they don't sound as good as Mullard in my book.
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  7. bflat
    Yep, I stayed with 5719 Telefunken but have since gone with the Mullard 6021. Also have some Ratheon 6021 on the way. Hope the sound like the 6832, but a lot less heat. I too liked the 6832, just not how hot it got.

    It also depends on what you are using for a DAC and of course your headphones. My latest configuration is my Holo Dac to CDM and Laylas. Just a superb combo.
  8. tracyca
    I just looked in the mailbox and my Mullard 6021 just came in. I still have to send them to ALO to get mounted. I can't wait! I also have a pair of Raytheon 6111 that I'm sending in.
  9. tracyca
    I love this AMP!
  10. seedubchris
    The mullards in mine sound fantastic. British engineering .
    Surprised the Telefunken pencil tube sounded mediocher . They make great tubes as well as microphones . Maybe there is an older version that might be different ,
    Too bad the heat was too much with the Raytheon 6832. I wonder if the plate heater temp us was what you liked about the way the dual triode sounded?... Alo says they built the cdm to take high temps with hi temp components . I bet you will go back to the hotter Raytheons if the mullards don't take the prize. What other tubes have you tried ? Haiku says he has very old nos Sonitone tubes that were end game for him. The older tubes have better metals and glass formulas in my opinion . They really spared no expense manufacturing them when tubes were king .
    Glad you are loving your rig, Sounds like you are getting close to the perfect portable rig which is a hard place to get to. My source is the ak320 balanced out to cdm and UE 18+pro ciem's . The direct out sounds very good even though the audio comes through the headphone circuitry . Does your dac have 4vrms balanced out to drive your cdm? I am on the hunt for the perfect source for the cdm .
    Last edited: Jan 20, 2018
  11. bflat
    Regarding the heat with 6832, it should be fine operationally since ALO sells them for CDM. It's just a personal preference thing with me. I really liked 5719 single triodes that barely get warm.
  12. seedubchris
    If you lived in Colorado like me the cdm makes a great hand warmer. Really helpful after brushing show off your car in the morning .
  13. thecrow
    1) Form this post a few months back, is there a better way to connect an iphone to the cdm or must it be via cck?

    2) I’m also getting Quite a few momentary drop outs at times when using the iphone. Is that an ios /cdm compatibility issue or perhaps the quality of the usb cable i’m using with my cck? (Iphone 6 plus with ios11)
    Last edited: Jan 20, 2018
  14. bflat
    For iOS, you have to use a CCK but there are 2 models - original 2.0 USB and the newer 3.0 USB. The later has a charging port too so you can connect and still power your phone/ipad. You may want to try the newer one if you are using the older model. Also make sure your CDM has the "R" mod which came out sometime in 2016. It's to improve connectivity of iOS and Android devices.
  15. thecrow
    I bought my cdm lasy year but had to return it fir an issue. Was issued a new one, i believe. Any way to tell if mine has the R Mod?

    I was having less dropouts with my first cdm but that was with ios 10. I changed to ios 11 same time as receiving replacement

    Last edited: Jan 20, 2018
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