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  1. bflat
    There's another alternative, but more pricey. If you get the Poly module for the Mojo, I think the AK Connect features of your AK120ii should be able to wirelessly connect to it. I would definitely check on the Poly thread to see if anyone has done this. If it works well, it would be the cleanest digital signal you can feed into Mojo and also do away with interconnects.
  2. vlach
    Yeah but ultimately i need to physically connect from the Mojo to the CDM regardless of Poly. At this point i don't mind one more cable, but thanks for the suggestion nonetheless :)
  3. seedubchris
    "That´s right. The AK Daps up to the AK380 can really benefit from adding the CDM. My SP1000Cu doesn´t need an amp. It´s a masterpiece in itself, sonically and optically."

    Looks like you are having a change of heart about your 1000. A couple weeks ago you said you didn't like the way it sounded and were going to wait for a firmware update so it would sound more to your liking. What changed....?
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  4. seedubchris
    So now that I know the cdm can output balanced even with a SE input ... what can I expect to improve by tracking down (not that easy it seems) or having a custom 2.5 to custom 2.5 cable made for the ak to the cdm balanced. Will there be any change at all? More headroom? World peace..jk? Moon audio will build me one for $125 and I'm sure I'll have to wait around for a few weeks. Maybe the cdm will be more up to the task of powering my audeze LCD-xc in balanced. People sure seem to poopoo the balanced thing but it sure sounds better to me and is obviously more powerful. Does anyone know what kind of output I can expect with a true balanced signal path? Audeze wants 1watt. Think I'll get there? If not I'm considering a rsa lightning. That ought to do it if this doesn't but the sale he is havng expires before the time I will receive my new cable so I'm kinda screwed.
  5. haiku
    I was almost about to sell the SP1000Cu, because I really didn´t like the sound signature. All this time though, I was wondering why there was such a big difference between the AK380 and SP1000. Then I remembered, that I never listened to the SP1000 without the CDM, because I assumed the CDM would benefit the SP1000, just like it did with all my AK3XX models before. Boy, was I wrong. The first time I´ve connected my Layla II to my SP1000Cu, I was completely blown away by the power, details and beauty of the sound. With the SP1000, the CDM is rather a bottleneck than a benefit in terms of sound quality. From my experience, the CDM has the best synergy with the AK380. No wonder, because it was the Dap Ken Ball designed the CDM with! :smirk:
  6. vlach
    Do you know if Ken uses the DAC section of the AK380 or CDM?

    Edit: i recall reading somewhere that he uses the 2.5mm balanced connection from his AK380 therefore not utilizing the DAC section of (his own creation) the CDM...uless i got it wrong and he uses the 2.5mm balanced comnection out of the 'CDM' and USB from the AK.
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  7. vlach
    I am now on the fence about buying the Mojo after reading some reports of a compact soundstage. This is precisely what I'm trying to cure on my AK120ii.
    I have the Oppo HA-2 and the DAC section is really good. It opens things up and has more air & space around instruments. The bass boost is a nice bonus and occasionally comes in handy with some recordings (especially with the T1).
    Unfortunately there is no way to get digital audio out of the AK120ii to it. Bummer.
    Maybe a better solution is to trade in the 120ii for the 70mkii then go USB<HA-2<CDM.

    Even AK120ii<headphone out<HA-2 sounds better to me than AK120ii on its own which is saying a lot for a DAC/amp costing only $299. This ought to be embarrassing for Astell & Kern!

    So for now it's AK120ii<headphone out<CDM, which is excellent but would be even better with the HA-2 in between to handle DAC duties.
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  8. haiku
    Ken used the balanced out from the AK380 into the balanced in from the CDM, but last thing I know, Ken told me he now listens with the Sony WM-Z1.
  9. thecrow
    Thats how i found the mojo. Though quite ckean I found it too congested and a bit too warm. I ended up buying a sony pha3 which was neutral and livelly (perhaps on the bright side of neutral).

    I did not use the mojo with another amp, just by itself.

    It is quite open and i never regretted it. I do recommend the pha3. I’m surprised it doesn’t have as much as a following as the mojo

    Just as good but different to the mojo

    I later bought my alo cdm to soften my sound of my er4s and focal spirit pro. Since then i have bought se846.

    I even use my cdm with my elear and lcd2 and though not perfect for those (more power would be idesl) it dies the job pretty well

    Both the pha3 and cdm are very versatile.
  10. vlach
    Thanks for your feedback. I'm starting to get the feeling that the Mojo might be over hyped. You recommendation for the PHA-3 reminded me i have the PHA-2 collecting dust somewhere so i dug it out today and did some A/B tests against the HA-2. You know what? I like it, it has more body to instruments and sounds more analog. Problem is i can't insert it (as a DAC) between my AK120ii & CDM, so i'm back to square one.
  11. FidelityCastro
    The Mojo is a great, well-priced product considering the sound quality and the original cost of a Hugo 1, which it isn’t a million miles away from sound-wise (not as good as the Hugo, but heck of a lot cheaper). Everything in this field probably gets a bit over-hyped in the beginning. New toy syndrome and all that. I have a Hugo 1 and tried the Mojo but found that I preferred the CDM as an add-on to my music player over both of them. Personal taste etc.
  12. vlach

    I'm going to keep an open mind about the Mojo and try to demo it. Out of curiosity, are you using your player's DAC and the amp-only section of the CDM?
  13. FidelityCastro
    When i first got the CDM, it was to strap to an iPhone 6. I used OTG and the Apple CCK to utilise the CDM’s DAC as well as the amp. Sounded amazing (obviously an upgrade versus the iPhone) using balanced out on the CDM.

    Then I tried it with the Onkyo DP-X1, where it obviously added less value but still good. I tried it as DAC+amp as well as just amp - both good.

    Then with FiiO X5iii as an amp only, which It didn’t pair well with, for some reason. Having said that, the FiiO was very disappointing.

    With the X7 mkII, I’m using the line out to the CDM, so it’s as an amp only. Sounds really good, altho I’m pleased that the X7 mkII makes a good account of itself without any add-ons.
  14. Bosk
    Has anyone by chance compared the ALO CDM or Continental V5 with one of the more recent Vorzuge amps, like the Pure II or Duo II? I'm in the market for a high-end portable amp to accompany my AK380 and prefer something with great sub-bass response in particular.
  15. vlach
    Thank you for these details, very useful. So to recap: you prefer the CDM as an amp only add on to the X7ii (using the X7ii's DAC stage) vs using the Hugo1 or Mojo as DAC/amps with X7ii?
    Wouldn't it be even better if the Hugo1 or Mojo fed the CDM rather than feeding the CDM with the X7ii line out?

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