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Takstar HF 580 Planar Headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by heavyharmonies, Apr 12, 2019.
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  1. RenZixx
    Ahhh cause there are really cheap and good mmcx cables out there. Is there any 2.5mm connectors on aliexpress?

    Oh mostly to the walls of the cups and other places.
  2. Miiksu
    Probably its bad quality sound dampering mat. Good quality do not leave resins when touched. I can give u link to good quality foam later. Im at work atm.
  3. RenZixx
    Ahh please do, mostly aiming for a warmer and forgiving sound.
  4. Miiksu
    I used 3mm at the back. At front I used 3mm on the edges and in the cushions 2mm. 2mm was leftover from product backaging its same stuff than that 3mm. I used douple side tape to attach 3mm foams and it works well. That 2mm thickness is just first try. May not be the best way to do like this but I just wanted to figure can it make sound good or not.


    This seller I got the 3mm thickness.

    You can try this one 2mm thickness?

    I used 200 mesh on the back dampering and front too.
  5. RenZixx
    Ahh I see, well the thing is I had already ordered that damper (well I'll order the ebay one and I'll compare the too)
    Rs. 110.02 25%OFF | QYFANG Gold Plated Beryllium Copper MMCX Female Jack Solder Wire Connector PCB Mount Pin IE800 DIY Long/Short Audio Plug Adapter
    These are the mmcx connectors I'm lookin at atm.
  6. RenZixx
    Was curious how much space is available for the connectors.
  7. Miiksu
    Should do the trick :) Seems small terminal. There is not much room. The driver is very close to the original wire or even touching it. I used basic 3.5mm plugs because I wanted silver and did not want ruin the look.
  8. RenZixx
    Ahh I see, thanks I'll be going with mmcx (cause why not :wink:
  9. Miiksu
    I got better measurement and it sound good too. Treble is now kinda okish. Positioning the high density foam sheet is very crucial and the shape too. After my mods u lose alot volume I hear I lost some of the subbass but in the trade off I got some smoother treble. So much fun to fine tune these cheap cans. I think I'm at the edge now.

    Sheepskin mod3.png
  10. Restatic

    I do use E17 of Fiio also on the Takstar. It's a high power dac amp. Works very well! :). Takstar do sing on every device, even on a very cheap bluetooth receiver amp.... And I did test them last night next to Fostex T50 / T60 / Stax L300 /.... **** them all!

    Takstar is the best for me now. :). (Don't forget to upgrade earpads! That's the best upgrade you can do.)
    yawg likes this.
  11. Restatic
    No mod to the HP. Only the new earpads. Mids are more smooth and high treble is perfect now. With the original earpads it was a bit harsh on the high treble. I liked the leather original earpad the best, untill I wanted the same quality of an Audeze LCD-x. :). So I did just order those earpads of the LCD-X. And now I 'm there on Audeze quality :).
    Miiksu likes this.
  12. Restatic
    Maggies are nice because of the passive foils. I do build my own Electrostatic speakers :). But I don't like electrostatic headphones... I do have a Stax.. but yeah... what the hack it is....

    check here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Elektrostaten/?ref=bookmarks
  13. Restatic
    I do use the B8 on location in the office, traffic, sportschool.. etc etc. It's an amazing HP for the price of it. :)
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  14. Restatic
  15. Restatic
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