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Takstar HF 580 Planar Headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by heavyharmonies, Apr 12, 2019.
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  1. Miiksu
  2. RayceManyon
    Single Cable Mod? Yes!

    I wanted to see if it was possible, and yes it is. I use ethernet wire because it's stiff enough to snake through the headband. I did have to file a halfmoon area in the covers, but it wasn't too difficult. The first picture is terrible, but you get the idea of how it's wired. I have black tape covering the right can hole for now until I find a good filler.

    20191206_030904.jpg 20191206_031344.jpg 20191206_031427.jpg 20191206_032451.jpg
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  3. Restatic
    i did not change the opamp. No hiss or what so ever. It's quite a nice portable tube amp. It's like the Little Dot OTL MK2, but then portable....

    now I'm using the Fiio E17 on my Takstar..... also amazing deep and fast sounding! I think it's even 'better' then on the Little Bear. But yeah.. .no tuby sound... so it's very clear, clean and fast. The Little Bear does change something like 'smoothness' on the sound... typically tube sound. :)

    So what might be the improvement of the LME4990 opamp?
  4. Miiksu
    Clarity and cleaness. I use dual to mono opamp on my XiangSheng DAC-01. Cheap opamp and its better than NE5532. Should help to make sound better even with tube amps. But I know tubes arent best on SNR but they sound good.
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2019
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  5. RayceManyon
    I do have to say something about these headphones, about 2 months ago when I first got them I called them "shrill" because the treble hurt on songs like Hail to the King . After I took them apart for the single cable mod, I removed all the foam that I added and listened to them stock, and I have to say they are really great! After a couple of months, they really warmed up allot and are no longer shrill. They still need a little tuning for my ears, but these are amazing sounding and are a lot of fun to mod.

    So for everyone still worried about the treble, give them a couple of months before you sell them.
  6. Miiksu
    @RayceManyon Pads makes also big difference. If u are interested try my mod. Need some skill to cut all the little pieces and takes time but it's worth it. And I mean the back mod. Also you can try add some high density foam sheets inside the pads on the walls. It cutting of the high treble peak and I was like 'Wow!' this sound so smooth no peaks and big drops. I should try to make some document of my mods to somewhere. Atm all my pictures and info is all around in this thread. Not very practical if someone trying my modifications and I have to answer to the same questions again. My cans treble is now a bit lrelaxed and bass is boosted and smooth but going deep enough to enjoy all kind music.

    This is the foam sheet that is inside the cups. Approx 175x20x2mm.
    IMG_20191207_153016.jpg IMG_20191207_152906.jpg
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2019
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  7. Restatic
    I did hear sissing noises also. Did not know it came from the opamp. Maybe I will replace it...

    Most of the time I listen dac - > Little Dot MK2 otl - - > Stax 3100 | Takstar.

    I did replace the earpads on the Stax..... Well well.... What a difference! It's the end game I think......
  8. Restatic
    Yes indeed.... That s my experience also with the Takstar. Takstar is now compatible with my Stax 3100.....

    Stax is less deep... But yeah... Very clean ofcourse....
  9. Miiksu
    What u mean less deep? The bass? Can't find any CSD measurement of SR-L300 =( And yup HF580 could be a slightly cleaner on upper register but it does so well everything else so I don't mind.
  10. Restatic
    Bass on Takstar is more huge... it's a bit different in comparison with Stax. But in General it's very good possible to get the Takstar very close to the Stax. I depends a lot on how you put the earpads on the Takstar. Also the Stax needs comfortable earpads of course :wink:

    I love my Takstar :)
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  11. Restatic
    New earpads....

    1. Takstar HF580 => Audeze LCD-xc earpads:

    2. Stax L300 => HM5 Brainwavs:

    1. The sheepskin earpads on the Takstar are a phenomenon! If you want to improve the HF580 sounding alike a Stax, get these earpads.
    2. Stax did improve a lot on comform in comparison with default earpads. On default earpads they are unacceptable uncomfortable.
    3.Stax did get deeper bass. Not as 'oompffhh' like the Takstar, but very clean and fast.
    4. Comfort on the Takstar is still better. It might be the earpads. I will order a new pair and put them on the Stax also.
    5.When Stax gets 'better' then the Takstar I keep the Stax. If not, I sell them.
    6. Comfort and sound on the Stax is more decent and pleasant. Stax is a bit hard / harsh sometimes. Soundstage and speed is superb on Stax. Difference between them is very little.
    7. Takstar can be connected to smartphone. Stax needs powercord and big cables.
    8. Takstar is my winner hdphn. It's because of the earpads mostly. Quality of sound is almost similar......

    1. Takstar using Little Dot MK2 OTL tube
    2. Stax is using Little Dot (same as takstar) as preamp. Amp is from the 3100 combination: srm2525. (I think Stax will sound a lot better on 100watt class d amp or tube amp)

    1. Takstar 183euro. Earpads 21e
    2. Stax 970euro. Earpads 6e
    3. Little Dot MK2: 140euro.

    So what will be your choice if you want to get good sound on your head?
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  12. Miiksu
    HF580 planar bass is good. Goes deep and has some nice punchiness. Its a bit deeper when modded but lagging slightly punchiness entirely frequency. It may be my DAC+AMP combo too but the sound could be slightly snappier. The membrace is super soft and that could also cause the sluggishness.

    Edit. I have limited experience of many different headphones. Mostly I know Superlux's character and some few planar magnetics. Superlux headphones does so well upper frequencies. It's clean, fast and piercing. Not perfect and need modifications and EQ. It's very piercing when stock listening Superlux headphones. It's true 40-50€ headphone do better job on treble quality than 150-173€ headphone. HF580 doing everything else better. I hear some kind delay on the treble with HF580. If someone is interested to listen Superlux HD662F and try my mod it does cost you 40-50€ + new pads and some kinesio tabe. Check Superlux train thread :wink: But HF580 does not make ur hearing easily dizzy. Treble is subtly relaxed.
    Last edited: Dec 14, 2019
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  13. Restatic
  14. Miiksu
    @Restatic I'm using Musiland Dragon 03 > Optical > XhiangSheng DAC-01A V10 with LME49990 opamp. It has tube RCA output. Used some cheap USSR tube :D and its better than similar USA made.

    I bought it from Aliexpress at HIFI EXQUIS store. They don't sell it anymore. Probably discontinued. They have 03 model and it's better. They ship it from France. So no tax if u from the EU.


    I have this DAC: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Musiland-M...102251?hash=item444c5f7c2b:g:MGMAAOSwOTZd1GL0

    I used it for digital output only. Old but does it job :)
    Last edited: Dec 15, 2019
  15. Miiksu
    This was my another high density foam mod inside the pads. I liked midrange so good and bass well balanced but then I got some treble spikes that I did not like. I may try to do some pad modding in the future. If I could get less bass and more midrange and treble but still keep the overal flatness.

    Sheepskin mod2.png
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