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Takstar HF 580 Planar Headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by heavyharmonies, Apr 12, 2019.
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  1. Miiksu
    They seem to measure very close but there is quite big difference in the sound. Sheepskins cleaner and punchier bass but treble is more agressive. Micro suede has better midrange and treble. Micro suede comfort is very good and for longer periods so much better. Sheepskin looks better and has better durability and easier to clean. I heared that sheepskin midrange was a bit too distant. Need to do more listening. I recommend to buy both and see and hear urself. They fit perfectly.


    Frequency response
    Brainwavz microsuede vs sheepskins.png

    With micro suede gel
    Brwainwavz Micro suede gel.png

    With sheepskins
    Brwainwavz sheepskins.png
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  2. Restatic
    Don't measure to much.... I like to listen to them :).

    Yesterday I did make a comparison between:
    1. Takstar on the Litte Dot MK2 OTL tube amp;
    2. Stax Stax SR-L300 with the bias + amp box;

    Stax is very clean and amazing polishing sound. You hear 'everything'. But yeah... is it pleasant in comparison with a planar? I like the Takstar planar on the LD MK2 much more then the 'boring & neutral' sound of the Stax. Electrostatic headspeakers is not my thing. But for normal speakers in my living room I like Electrostatics a lot. I do rebuild also Electrostatics during my weekends, and do change sometimes between full range esl's en hybrids.

    Well ok.. But for the Takstar it's a very nice unit during the winter days!

  3. Miiksu
    @Restatic I did do listening sessions first before measurings. I'm not native english speaker so it take my tame to write something understandable. I hate this feeling I kinda like the sheepskin bass but then again suede pad is doing better on upper frequencies. I wish I had both the qualities. I may do some mod to sheepkin pads but not anything permanent. I don't get it why its so sharpy on the treble but otherwise it sound sweet.
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  4. Miiksu
    I have started to like sheepskin pads even more. They sound now very good when u get used to it. They sounded at first glance quite harsh on treble but somehow it melted down when been using couple more days. Here is some pics of the Brainwavz Sheepskins. I'm gonna which to micro suede gel again when I feel it. At the black friday u can get these headphones very cheap and then u have more money to get better cushions. Stock pads are quite bad and I don't recommend them because they are too thin.

    IMG_20191124_171533.jpg IMG_20191124_171610.jpg IMG_20191127_180436.jpg IMG_20191127_180457.jpg
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  5. greenarrow
    Possible to mod the fixed cable with a plug-in type? The default cable is long and heavy.
  6. greenarrow
    Did you mod your cable connection? Looks like a plug-in type.
  7. Miiksu
    Yeah I made 3,5mm plug mod and made own brained silver cable.
  8. greenarrow
    Is the mod difficult to perform?
  9. Miiksu
  10. RayceManyon
    I tried to make a video showing the cable mod. This is my first "how to" video so it's not that great, but it will give you an idea of how to do it. and It's only 4 minutes long.

    I tried to remove the back grills because I think it is hurting the sound, but the back grill is glued with a plastic ring that is also used for the screw holes. So, I have not found a way (other than cutting them out) to cleanly replace the grills with something finer and more open.

    The connectors I used are from amazon, and fit very well with only a little bit of filing.
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2019
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  11. Restatic
    I did use velcro fastener to keep it acceptable on length. Don't cut the cable! It's useless (I think). Just roll it together and use velcro, or something else.
  12. Restatic
    1. Did it improve the sound?
    2. How about the quality?
    3. What's the reason why you did this?
  13. RayceManyon
    1. Sound improve? No... It sounds the same. The wire inside the can is 28 gage (i think), very thin. I might upgrade to 24 gage later but I don't think it will improve much.
    2. Quality? I think it is good. I will add a drop of glue to the connector plugs to keep them from becoming loose in the future.
    3. The reason? I like to try things out. Plus it will be easier to swap cables like a cloth covered 3.5mm or XLR later.
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2019
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  14. Miiksu
    Cool. That is easy way without power tools. I just sanded with dremel some of the plastic parts away. You need to file the socket plug. Without filing it leaves a bit cap between to the driver and housing.

    If you thinkin that silver cable. Then you need four wires of each metres. It's worth it. Its damn good looking and thin. It just ofc copper with silver coating and thin plastic insulation.
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2019
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  15. Miiksu
    I did my first avg pink noise measurement. Treble seems more flat than expected and a bit more roll of on low bass.
    avg measurement.jpg
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