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Takstar HF 580 Planar Headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by heavyharmonies, Apr 12, 2019.
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  1. RenZixx
    This takstar planar is really interesting, well Christmas is right around the corner and I'm thinking of getting some new (or used), haven't really treated myself at all the past year and these have me interested. The only problem is they're open, tho I was thinking of making custom wood cups (closed). I really want a closed planar woodie and I don't mind gettin my hands real dirty.
  2. greenarrow
    IMG_20191109_130457.jpg IMG_20191109_130731.jpg IMG_20191109_130928.jpg
    My first planar headphone. Have to burn in this and enjoy what this gives.

    So far as the testing in progress - the mid and high are bright, open and sharpness. The bass is on the low side. But, on songs with heavy bass, it's punchy. These experience is from a non-audiophile ears. Still waiting for this to fully settle down.
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2019
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  3. RayceManyon
    Congratulations on your first pair of planars! It's tough getting them open the first time because of the soft glue on the inside at the bottom, but once you get past that, they can be tuned very easily to suit your taste. These are the most fun headphones I own.
  4. greenarrow
    The first thing when I want to mod is the cable. I never like the fixed type and don't know if I can mod to a plug in type. I'll let it settle down and see any improvement.
  5. Beagle
    So they are bright? That's too bad. I was hoping they might be on the warm side, with smooth,slightly rolled off highs.
  6. theangelboy
    Yeah they aren't a warm headphone. The highs range from bright to neutral depending on the pads.
  7. theangelboy
    Heads up, everyone! The HF 580 is on sale right now for AliExpress's huge 11.11 sale for $162 after clipping the $8 coupon on the product page ($8 off $150 or more). If price has been keeping you on the fence on this one, your decision just got easier (or harder). :o2smile:
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  8. Miiksu
    I decided to order two new cushions. It was 74 usd (67 eur) of two pair. Hope those ovals measure great and sound good too. I don't believe there will be significant difference to round or any other cushions with these headphones if they are memory foam. It takes some time until I get them. In Finland we have now walkout so our mails will not be delivered.

    Brainwavz GEL Gaming Earpads - Oval - Micro Suede with Memory Foam
    Headphone Memory Foam Earpads - Oval - Sheepskin Leather
  9. Restatic
    I did close the cups with carbon foil. It did change the sound a lot. Les wide and very intimate. I did not like it so much, so I did open them again. It's very easy to mod this pair. So If you have some thick cupboard paper, you can easy make them closed as a prototype. When the sound is ok for you, you can make them close with nice wood enclosure. It might get heavier despitely then... they are already quite heavy.

    And... give them time to 'burn in'. I get the feeling after a few 100 hours that they are sounding so much better now! I like to compare them to the Audeze LCD-X. I do get the same feeling about the Takstar now.

    Next week I've get the Audeze LCD-x sheepskin earpads, and I will put them on my Takstar. :)

    I love my Takstar!
  10. Restatic
  11. RenZixx
    Ah ah thanks! Was thinking of buying a used pair and putting a semicircular piece of wood against the grill. If anyone does have a used pair lemme know:)
  12. Restatic
    Just use some piece of cardboard... books or something and push it to the outside of the earcups. Do it while listening. Even with your hands you will hear a difference of tonality. With a cloth you might change the sound also. So tune it up what you like the most. 'The best' is for everybody something else...it's a matter of taste.

    My experience with all modded hearphones (Fostex T50 / Hifiman 400s / Lot's of Sennh) is that the original is as 'the best'....

    For the Takstar it is with the leather earpads and not using any closing foil / carboard on the backs.

    I did check my Audeze earpads....oh man oh man.... amazing good! Only 23euro here in The Netherlands.... I've got the feeling of jumping in an Audeze LCD-x of 1400e directly on my Little Dot MK2 tube amp.... So.. need to say more?

  13. Restatic
  14. RenZixx
    Just curious, is anyone interested in selling their hf580? I'm reallllyyyy interested in them atm. Oh and will the topping nx3 drive these?
  15. Miiksu
    *Woo* I got the premium pads already. Now listening with sheepskins. Feels and looks premium and perfect fit. Comfort is very good for the colder days. I know leather can get sweaty in summer days. Sounds balanced and a bit relaxed upper middle. I hear some sharpiness on treble. It's bearable. I did not hear this on round pads but it was more lose fit and not tight as this is perfect fit. Can't wait to listen to micro suede pads.

    Edit. Also bass is damn good. I like it.
    Last edited: Nov 19, 2019
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