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Takstar HF 580 Planar Headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by heavyharmonies, Apr 12, 2019.
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  1. greenarrow
    Can this headphone works with the Topping A30 modded with a pair of Burson V5i-d?
  2. Hal Rockwell
    See no reason why it won't. HF580 is not a hard to drive headphone.
  3. Rickydwi
    hello how is hf 580 compared to sennheizer hd 6xx ? Which one should i buy for >,< im gonna power it with magni 3
  4. RayceManyon
    Out of the box, I think the HF 580 does NOT sound good. I found it to be very hollow with terrible hot treble. The Wolfhammer Mod on page 44 helps this, but that means you will have to open it up and add some rubber strips and cotton. If you want good headphones without modifications buy the 6xx. I have the HF 580 Wolfhammer and the 4xx. By comparison the 4xx is very good, but the Wolfhammer has "more sound" - heavier bass and sharper treble.
    Last edited: Oct 30, 2019
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  5. Rickydwi
    so im better of with hd 6xx ? In which way hd 6xx better and in which part the hf 580 win ? Thanks for answering sir!
  6. heavyharmonies
    That is your opinion. Quality is apparently variable with these, as mine need no modding whatsoever. I don't get this whole "hollowness" description, as that is not how my 580s sound in the least.

    As with any headphones, YMMV... considerably. Which is why absolute pronouncements made by someone based upon their personal experiences with one unit should not be taken as gospel, nor IMO should they be framed as such.
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  7. RayceManyon
    You are 100% correct. Everyone's hearing and tastes are totally different. I do forget to add "I feel that..." or "I think that..." to my posts sometimes.
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  8. Slazyel
    My HF 580 sounds very good without mods too, especially for the price i've paid, $160.
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  9. theangelboy
    Like others have said, the 6XX out of the box is good. However, if you like bass extension and soundstage you should pass on the 6XX. It's claustrophobic in the presentation and bass roll off bothers me as I am a little bit of bass head. Also, amp pairing is pretty important with the Senn and I don't know if a Magni is the best option for them.

    The HF 580, on the other hand, does have some flaws in the sound straight out of the box that is bothersome with some music (to me, at least), but just adding Sendy Aiva pads fixed 90% of these issues for me. I might not ever bother modding them further. Also, the big 11.11 sale on Aliexpress is coming up so you should probably be able to get the 580 for around $170. Add the Sendy pads for $25 and that's still less than a 6XX. The 580 is also quite amp-agnostic as long as you are feeding them enough power which the Magni should have plenty. But the 580 isn't without flaws. It's heavier than the 6XX, has a 10 ft attached cable, and vocals are less smooth.

    Personally, I prefer the HF 580 by quite a bit over the 6XX. But, of course, YMMV.
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  10. Rickydwi
    Yeah i read somewhere that amp tube is the pairing for hd 6xx, am i right ? But i already ordered mine :frowning2: actually my option at first is between atom, o2 or this magni 3. Actually i've never tried "high end headphones before" i've tried m40 before it sounds good but yeah it does sound flat my other headphones are arctis 7 hahah. Do u have other option for me besides hd 6xx or hf 580 ?
  11. RayceManyon
    I agree with @theangelboy. I find the hf 580 to be very exciting! Big sound, and really big bass. Plus, it is easy to tune up or down with simple materials. I have the Sendy Aiva pads $25 and I think they are great.
  12. Jumbotron
    At first I did not like my HF 580. I thought they sounded darker and worse than my chi-fi dynamic headphones. But I kept using them and eventually I started to like their sound signature. They still are my everyday cans on the PC. I did not modify my HF 580 in any way.
    Last edited: Oct 31, 2019
  13. theangelboy
    Ah, I see. The Magni is a very capable amp and you shouldn't have any problems driving anything. It will work fine for the HD6XX, but it's not going to be the best pairing out there. General consensus is a good quality tube amp works best. I only have a Bravo Audio Ocean in the tube category so I can't confirm this myself. Personally, given your situation, I would probably recommend the HD58X over the 6XX if you want to go Senn. They are easier to drive and that usually means they are less amp picky. If I didn't already have the 6XX I would have gotten the 58X instead.

    Other options in the ~$200ish category besides the 6XX, 58X, and HF580 would be the HE4XX, a DT990 Pro, or a Meze 99 Noir. I don't own the Meze but I know it's a bassy, warm sound signature with a little sparkle in the treble. I never bought one because I don't like pleather pads and there aren't any good non-pleather alternatives for that headphone that don't wreck the sound signature. I own both the HE4XX and DT990 Pro and they have very different sound signatures depending on what you want to try/like. The 990 Pro was my daily driver in college and it was great, and the HE4XX was my go-to planar before I modded my HE-400 (such a shame they don't make them anymore...). I can give a more depth analysis of any of these that I own (see my signature) with specific music, just PM me, I don't want to derail the thread too much.

    The good thing about this though is that none of these options are bad. All of them sound good and should be driven easily with the Magni 3. Welcome to Head-Fi, where choice is the biggest problem. :)
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  14. Rickydwi
    yeah i read somewhere in youtube comment section that some people prefer the hd 58x jubilee rather the hd 6xx? But why though ? I thought the bigger numbers means the its the better headphones LOL. Is the hd 58x uses some kind of new driver than the hd 6xx ? In my country the hd 58x is being sold around the same price of the hf 580
  15. greenarrow
    Possible to pass me the link to the site selling the Sendy Aiva pads?

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