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TakeT BPP Portable Supertweeter and H2+ Headphone - Head-Fi TV, Episode 010

Discussion in 'Head-Fi Network & Industry News' started by jude, Aug 8, 2011.
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  1. DavidMahler Contributor


    I have no doubts that you are correct, but buying a 3,000 dollar headphone and sticking the cups on a comparatively flimsy headband probably worth in all reality about a dollar, doesn't sit well with me at all.  Any other headbands work with the TakeT?
  2. BobSaysHi
    Guys, did you hear? The new supertweeter (tm) allows you to hear supersonic frequencies THROUGH YOUR FACE!




    ALL OF IT.


    Buy yours today.

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  3. loremipsum
    One thing to consider with the supertweeter is that most music probably doesn't contain frequencies that high. And most sources/amps probably don't really focus on the supersonic frequency range, either
  4. logwed


    The other is that YOU CAN'T HEAR IT.
    EDIT: I wonder if it actually puts out any sound waves at all, has anyone tested it at all?
  5. loremipsum
    Well of course you can't, you aren't supposed to hear it. You're supposed absorb it via osmosis.
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  6. maverickronin
    And even if you could hear it you'd fist need a hi-rez recording that was recorded with mics capable of recording such high frequencies and then they need to be recoding instruments that actually make such high frequencies.
    All of those thing do actually exist but they aren't terribly common even on their own.  When you combine all those requirements it will work out to a minuscule percentage of all music available today.
    I suppose if you already know you listen to stuff like that...
  7. Armaegis
    I would keep it in my pocket...
  8. musalava
    Keep it coming Jude! Mainstream or not, all of the episodes are super cool and informative. Looking forward to the next episode, as always.
  9. metalsonata
    I hope the next episode is a Thunderpants episode. ^^
  10. burnliff
    to be fair, the TakeT headband looks pretty crappy too

  11. DavidMahler Contributor
    Jude, I'd love a comparison of high end DACs
    Compare a under $1000 DAC to an over $8000 DAC
  12. metalsonata


    Ooo I'd like to see a DAC rundown as well--looking for a new one to pair with the Phonitor. :-D
  13. stuckonsound
    Ron Popeil is selling audio now? "If you call now, when you purchase H2+, we'll give you not 1, but 2 BPP Portable Supertweeters." No offense, but that headphone looks like a cross between a DT150 (without it's durability, it looks loose and flabby, those loops look like twist ties covered with electrical tape) and a K1000 (but without the sound quality, a $3000 headphone that needs to be eq'd to sound decent?). 
  14. hgabi00
    Is the TR2, just a switchbox ?
    In that case, it's waaay too expensive.
    Hifiman has a similar box, for $99.
  15. Sweden


    This is a place mainly for enthusiasts so covering these types of product is what Head-Fi TV should be all about, as the other low priced products are featured everywhere else.
    If I could improve these videos I would try to bringing in more products and do some comparisons. That would really help the average person and consumer here IMO.
    For exampel I would like to see a lineup of 5-10 DAC's in various price points, or talking about the different top custom IEM in some upcomming episodes.
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