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TakeT BPP Portable Supertweeter and H2+ Headphone - Head-Fi TV, Episode 010

Discussion in 'Head-Fi Network & Industry News' started by jude, Aug 8, 2011.
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    In Episode 010 of Head-Fi TV, we take a look at a couple of enigmatic products from an enigmatic Japanese designer and company. The BPP is a portable supertweeter for headphone listening. The H2+ is a headphone with Heil-type polymer piezoelectric drivers and supertweeters. (We also look at the H2+'s companion TR2 transformer box.)

    This episode is brought to you by CanJam @ Rocky Mountain Audiofest and Rocky Mountain Audiofest.  Find out more about the best high-end headphone show in the world by visiting http://www.canjam.org


    Products mentioned in the video:

    1. TakeT BPP portable supertweeter
    2. TakeT H2+ Heil-type polymer piezoelectric headphone
    3. TakeT TR2 companion transformer box for TakeT H2+ headphone
    4. Fostex HP-A3 USB-bus-powered DAC and headphone amplifier
    5. Fostex HP-P1 portable digital iPod/iPhone/iPad DAC and headphone amplifier
    6. Sennheiser HD 800 headphone
    7. Sennheiser HD 650 headphone
    8. Sonic Studio Amarra computer music player software




    Head-Fi TV Episode 010 produced by Joseph Cwik and Jude Mansilla



    We will occasionally post Q&A episodes of Head-Fi TV.  If you want to submit any questions (or comments), you can do so via email to tv@head-fi.org.

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  2. jude Administrator
    Reserved for TakeT H2 review by Duggeh.
  3. sphinxvc
    Wow.  Really interesting.  Nice pick for a topic, Jude.
  4. NA Blur
    Neat concept!
    I can imagine a set of mounted mini speakers that stick to the side of your jaw just below your ears that could use this idea.
  5. Armaegis
    I keep sayin', we're one step away from a halo neck brace style (the kind that bolt into your head) with transducers to put the sound directly into our skull. Well... maybe something slightly less extreme... but I wouldn't be surprised if something subdermal comes out within a decade.
  6. Rawrbington
    wow.  makes the K1000 look normal
    kchapdaily likes this.
  7. zowki
    Head-Fi TV is covering too many niche/boutique products. How about more mainstream products for the typical head-fi'er in future episodes?
    JRG1990 likes this.
  8. logwed


    Like the ones that almost everyone has experience with? What's the point in that? Just ask anybody on the forums for average stuff.
    rhythmdevils and Nom de Plume like this.
  9. jude Administrator


    We'll continue to cover more mainstream products, in addition to the Head-Fi'ers-are-the-only-ones-who'll-get-this stuff.
    I just don't think you'll ever see the likes of the TakeT H2+ covered on CNET's videos, or any other video channel for that matter--that is why we must. [​IMG]
    I think the next episode has more non-mainstream stuff, too, so you might want to avoid Episode 011.
  10. BattleBrat
    Yes, we need more fringe products, Average Joe went for the "fringe" products, and discovered pure awesomeness out there for the Custom IEM seeker (the Fabs in the works for me, I wouldn't have found out about them any other way) 
    So "fringe" away Mr. Jude, dig us up those hidden gems!!!
  11. aRRR
    Cool stuff Jude. Do you really need the TR2 for the H2+ or could you drive it directly from a speaker amp? And what about the pairing of the TR2 with a speaker amp, does it improve as you go up to a higher quality speaker amp?
  12. UtzY
    Maybe Tyll would like to measure them! [​IMG]
  13. kongmw
    at one point, I thought Jude was gonna say the "facepalm test"...[​IMG]
  14. RudeWolf
    Good to see reviews of not that common technology. By the way- was there any difference whether the tweeter flaps were opened on the H2 headphone/earspeaker?
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