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TakeT BPP Portable Supertweeter and H2+ Headphone - Head-Fi TV, Episode 010

Discussion in 'Head-Fi Network & Industry News' started by jude, Aug 8, 2011.
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  1. AndroidVageta
    Reminds me of my old Sony PFR-V1's or the Sony MDR-SA5000's. 
    Loved my PFR-V1's...I really did...just not enough bass for me unfortunately. Other than that they were great! Still the most comfortable headphone I've ever owned.
  2. R Giskard
    Yes, that speaks something of Mr. Takei. More so than it does about the people who actually bought this unbelievably, disgracefully and shamefully useless device. I cannot believe Jude did a video about it. Stupidity seems to have no boundaries.
  3. haarvi
    A game changer for the TaketT H2 may be on the horizon:

    An amplifier specfically designed to work with the TakeT headphones.

    Made by Trafomatic Audio. In Serbia.

    Still at the Coming Soon stage.
    No impressions yet

  4. Aero Dynamik
    Yes, it's a miracle that humanity so far has survived! Either way, even the sun has its spots so we'll forgive Jude and consider this as the exception that proves the rule.
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