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TakeT BPP Portable Supertweeter and H2+ Headphone - Head-Fi TV, Episode 010

Discussion in 'Head-Fi Network & Industry News' started by jude, Aug 8, 2011.
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  1. Spareribs
    I love Jude's monster wrist watch.
  2. fdhfdy
    People are one step away from putting speakers on their heads. :)
  3. DavidMahler Contributor
    This was the most fascinating review.  I never even really considered the TakeT line.  I'm deadset against EQing headphones that cost over a few hundred dollars, so what you said about the mid-bass hump would be a concern for me.  Even still, your recommendation is a compelling one. I have a feeling tho by the looks of the headphone that I would barely use it.  It looks kind of heavy and not so sturdy on the head.  But really, this review was an unexpected surprise and I will consider it :)
  4. jpelg
    If you have the appropriate cable adapters (4-pin XLR->RSA Protector-style), can you try driving the H2 using the RSA SR71B?
    I'm curious.
  5. metalsonata
    Wow, those headphones are so ugly. I want them. :-D
  6. Uchiya
    Off-topic but, doesn't it look like Jude dropped 15lbs?
  7. logwed


    Brown-noser. You're gonna have a profile like Mdraluck23 one of these days :p
  8. Currawong Contributor


    Jude isn't a woman ... I think anyway. [​IMG]
  9. nkkuma
    Pioneer had a line of headphones with the  polymer piezoelectric drivers  in 70s', SE300, SE500, SE700 if I remember correctly. I use to have the SE500s,  they are monster to drive and sound very dry and sterile. It is good to know another ancient headphone technology is revived like the orthodynamics. 
  10. MusicTurtle
    I don't know what it is but I found them to be visually striking. Then again I enjoy staring at old timey tanks....
  11. Parall3l
    Its nice to see jude reviewing stuff that isn't commonly found in the mainstream channels, although it would be nice to see something more affordable for students like me [​IMG] Maybe something like a budget portable amp roundup ?
  12. Duggeh
    Quick post as I'm on the move.
    If you buy one of these, also buy a Sennheiser HD212. The headband can be adapted to replace the horrible TakeT one.
    Also consider running one with a Stax amplifier (717 minimum, KGSS better).
  13. TheGomdoRi
    Great episode - covers the famous super-tweeter from the ads I was really curious as to how the thing works and it now has been answered!
    The headphones on the other hand I'd really want to try them someday but wouldn't buy ... I'd be surprised if anybody is "connoisseur" enough to get them [​IMG]
  14. volted
    I have been looking forward to finding out exactly what this thing does!
  15. volted
    Ok, watched the review ....
    What did I just witness? ... the last thing I expected was quality sound from them!
    I mean .... really?
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