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Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by iatebillymays, Mar 7, 2014.
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  1. drwlf
    Comments on M2 inverted vs. M2 and/or S2?
    I just heard about the device, and initially thought all applications would chest-mounted, e.g. using M2 inverted, as it "feels" most instinctive to me. Something feeling rumbling behind you seems a bit off :p
  2. fjrabon

    it's not as big of a deal as you would think, as long as you use the unit subtly (where it is at its best).  Your core isn't super sensitive directionally, it mostly just feels an omnidirectional thump.  That being said, I do prefer the inverted M2.  Especially if I am playing around with it at higher than natural settings.  
    A lot of people who use this thing go crazy with it, and have impact it produces set at ***several*** times what the natural impact would be.  If you use the subpac at a "natural" level, then you almost won't think it is on, as your brain just blends it in with your heard sound, into one coherent whole.  If you have it higher, the "spell is broken" and you feel the subpac as its own separate thing, in which case having it on the back is a little off-putting.
    All that to say, yes, I prefer in the front, but it actually doesn't matter as much as you would think if you are using it for high fidelity musical enjoyment.
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  3. drwlf
    Thanks for the lovely description.
    I would think that the chair-mounted application is even more susceptible to resonance/vibration issues, and you'd be too constrained to sit in the same exact position all the time as well, for a uniform experience in mind?
    I guess I should test this one out :p
  4. Richter Di
    Best tip ever. Makes a huge difference.
    Got my M2 this christmas. Love it.
    Will also get a Smyth Realizer A16. Backed it a Kickstartert.
    Compared to my Lofelt Basslet the SupPac is a bit slower. ( But the Basslet is very small.
  5. Richter Di
    Now as I got my SubPac M2 I was a bit shocked that there is now a M2X version.
    I tried to find out more about the differences
    According to SubPac

    I also found this video claiming his new MX2 broke quite quickly.

    Under the comments some others also mention that their SubPac broke, allthough it is unclear if this was also the M2X.
    Any Bassheads here who know a bit more?
  6. Richter Di
    Will have to do a bit more listening. I found it interesting that SubPac themselves write:

  7. BassDigger
    "...without adding or subtracting signal" This implies purposefully 'modifying' the signal, if you ask me. As if some might think that the subpac's line-level output has bass added, or some other kind of intentional EQing.

    Unintentional modifications are another thing. Just the fact that the subpac has only 3.5mm connections is enough to deter me from connecting my HPs through it. The fact that several people have already mentioned that the sound coming through it is not so good, seals it. But that's me. I think that you're much better off splitting your output directly from the HP jack (or if your amp has a pre-out, even better): it's less connections, cable, and who knows what else, for your precious signal to travel through.
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  8. Àedhàn Cassiel
    So I got this cheap Sabrent USB sound card so I could split audio to my headphone amp and a device called the Subpac and control the volumes separately on Voicemeeter Banana.

    When I send audio straight to the Subpac (through the Sabrent) and enable it on Playback Devices, it works fine. Of course, this doesn't help me because then I only have the subwoofer vibrating, with no music.

    However, it won't show up in Voicemeeter Banana for me to send audio to it. So I can get Voicemeeter Banana sending audio to my amp, but nothing shows up as an option in the USB slot where the Subpac is plugged in.

    I figure the problem here is that the app doesn't recognize the USB sound card as a sound card, so any sort of sound application that could accept it as an input which would be recognized as a sound device by Voicemeeter Banana would do the trick.

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