SubPac for Sub Referencing

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by iatebillymays, Mar 7, 2014.
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  1. Luckbad
    SubPac S2 shipping confirmation received!
    Planning to run this in three combos depending on what I'm using to listen:
    • Master-11 w/ Sennheiser HD650 out of balanced output, SubPac out of single-ended output
    • Master-11 w/ JVC HA-DX2000 w/ splitter out of single-ended output (one to headphones, one to SubPac)
    • Master-11 w/ JVC HA-DX2000 out of single-ended output, SubPac out of computer headphone out (or bluetooth?) using VB-Audio to feed the signals
  2. dropbassnotbomb
    My S2 will be arriving next week, can't wait to try it with Sony MDR-Z7 and AKG K712 which I just ordered :)
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  3. Luckbad
    Ship date got bumped up to today!

    But the wife just went to pick my sister up from the airport.

    I'll find a way to steal a little listening time somehow.
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  4. dropbassnotbomb
    Lucky you, keep us updated how it felt :wink:
  5. Luckbad
    Pretty epic!

    The 3.5mm output on it is terrible. Adds a hum. Even worse with Bluetooth. Gotta use a splitter or separate output, which is easy enough.

    Anything past 70% in bass heavy stuff rattles the unit. Emailed to find out if it's safe to use at those levels or if the unit is defective.

    Anyway, it's pretty amazing even at lower levels. Very accurate and fast.
  6. nephilim32

    You know something. You are right. I was worried that splitting the box and the headphone would degrade the signal pathway even more, but it really doesn't!! You get more out of the headphone this way and better volume control. Excellent advice sir! I feel my MDR Z7's have a far cleaner sound at higher volumes when running with my M2 subpac. Have a great holiday and merry Christmas.

    Thanks again. Oh and buying a quality splitter does really help out a lot in this capacity. :wink:
    This is gold.....
  7. dropbassnotbomb
    My subpac also arrived. Truly a game changer for dubstep and psytrance where all you can hear is bass. Definitely keeping it for weekend listening. It also works as a massager coz my back feels better now lol.

    Hi Nephilim32 can you please link seller page for gold splitter which you have. It's gonna be more fun while listening headphones through separate amplifier. Thanks =)
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  8. nephilim32

    Honestly man, I've been doing some more research about 'splitters' and long story short just about anyone will do! Brands like belkin, koss, nextech and monster will suffice just fine. Just go on amazon and you can grab one for very cheap. Splitters aren't expensive in general and the subpac itself isn't an ogre on power, so powering its load along with your favourite headphone out if your amp (even if it's 1 watt/16ohms) you will have no problems just better sound. :wink:
    The control box is that of a cheap one and running your headphone directly out of it is a big no no. Anyway. Doesn't matter what splitter you get. Have a great time. Trent Reznor of NIN, his music sounds great with the subpac. :wink:
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  9. Luckbad
    The best setup I've found at this point from my computer is using a cheap external USB sound card ($6 Sabrent is what I'm using) to output to the SubPac S2.
    I'm using VB-Audio VoiceMeeter Banana to split the signal on the computer using ASIO on the Master-11 and whatever to the Sabrent card.
    This allows completely independent control of the SubPac's volume input so you can fine tune.
    That said, the amount of bass I want makes the SubPac rattle loudly enough that my wife in the other room asks me to turn it down so I don't wake up my son sleeping in the next room...
    Epic bass. Not silent. Enough that I can start to get a little queasy after a while of my teeth (literally) rattling and voice quavering like I'm talking into a fan.
    Note to JRiver users, you can do something like this very easily with zones. Create a second zone for your SubPac's sound card, then Link it to your normal zone. Lets you use ASIO or whatever for your main sound card and also play the same thing to your body-woofer. Also lets you use independent DSP on that zone (convenient for me so I can mix my high res stuff down to 44.1/48 for the Sabrent without impacting the Master-11).
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  10. dropbassnotbomb
  11. Luckbad
    Both! For maximum epic bass, you'd want both. It can be eerie feeling tons of bass in the body without hearing it.

    Taction Kannon + SubPac = Basshead Endgame

    You can even go portable with the setup by getting the M2 (closed Kannons are portable).
  12. Luckbad
    Found my favorite way to use this...
    Strapped to my chest.
    More comfortable and more satisfying impact.
    As an added bonus, my wife looks at me funny.
  13. nephilim32

    Hey. Yeah this is a great, spirited review for these tactile kannons. It's sounds like this could be the ultimate low end- vibrational setup paired with our beloved subpac of course.
    My only feeling is that I strongly believe that the Kannons won't out perform my Sony MDR Z7's for overall SQ. Nor will they provide a cleaner and more fuller bass extension just more vibration I feel. The Z7's I have use 70mm drivers. That's the biggest you can get on the market for headphones right now, so for bass extension and immersion with in the low end of things I feel that the z7's paired with the subpac is gonna be pretty tough to beat; however I think the T.Kannons are very much worth a solid audition and I think it would be a wonderful edition providing the sound signature of these headphones is better than just 'good.'
    Anyhow. This is some nice healthy competition and I'm excited to try them. May really be worth buying and a 500$ price tag shows that Taction means business. :)
    Thanks again for a great read here.
  14. The Lamonster
    Will a splitter affect sound quality?  If I ran a splitter from my Schiit Vali to the SubPac would it even be safe for the SubPac to receive those amplified signals?
  15. phoenixdogfan
    I run my subpac by splitting the output of my IDSD micro and sending one leg to the subpac and the other to either my LCD X'S or my Sennheiser HD 800's, with no ill effects on either the phones or the subpac.  The IDSD can swing 5000 mv in turbo mode which I bet is more like Moljner or Ragnarok than Vali territory.
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