Stax Sigma - how many owners are left out there?

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by takeanidea, May 11, 2013.
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  1. spritzer
    The normal bias Sigma had a flat black cable (well the post 1979 units) but this one can turn gray with age.  The Sigma Pro had a brown cable. 
  2. Jonathan66100
    Yes it must be that ! Thank You Spritzer.
    And thank you anyway Takeanidea : )
    I would also say that the curve made ​​by Ludovic ( curve of the real ED-1 based on the real schematic of the ED-1 ) at a effect for me on the Sigma with convolver DSP ( ) for foobar2000 , maybe because he has the driver of the first Lambdas and this curve was made for the Lambdas pro.
    Anyway this curve ( for me ) reduces reverb, makes everything a little more natural and adds to a space between the instruments and enlarged thus the already large soundstage Sigma.
  3. edstrelow Contributor

    I don't know why the pro highs would have little value unless one's high frequency hearing was going. I get worried about mine from time to time but it comes back after I clean the earwax out.

    Mostly I listen to the sigma/404 and sigma pro. I keep my sigma normals even though I don't listen to them much. But every time I do, usually on the SRA12S, I am struck by the quality of their sound. They show a certain sweetness that the high bias sets don't have.

    I wonder just how much these sets will go for in a few years. They have that rare combination of uniqueness, quality and scarcity.
  4. Opethian
    I have 2 pairs of NB Sigma...
    Sigma 1 s/no 00366 The cable is round cloth covered black with red specks.
    Sigma 2 s/no 04768 The cable is flat pvc or other, colour is black.
    Sigma 1 has a damaged ARC with an iffy looking repair, works fine.
    Sigma 2 is immaculate like new, boxed with acoustic stand and instruction booklet.
    Both bought at well below current pricing.
    I love em.   
  5. Jonathan66100
    So it is you who have purchased the HEAD acoustics HPS I that was out of service on ebay ?
    Yes the first sigma have a have a round wire cloth.
    When the lambda arrived they updated the cable Sigma with the same as lambda.
    I dropped my 207 since I got my sigma :$
  6. Opethian
    Well spotted. :wink:
    Yes, It is a beautifully put together bit of kit but DOA.
    I am hoping to find a techy to check it over but all the ones I know are real busy right now.
    I think / hope it is just a simple PSU fault.
  7. Scottsmrnyc Contributor
    I have a number of Stax Sigmas both pro and non pro.  I have one Sigma Pro and four Sigma non Pros. I used to have two more Sigma Pro's but my amp ate them up.  I love listening to my Sigma non pros with my SRA 12S.  I
  8. DefQon
    What do you mean by your amp ate them up? Surely you didn't throw them out and kept the parts as spares in case your other Sigma Pro's failed or have a broken part?
  9. spritzer
    The amp damaging a Pro bias driver is pretty much impossible.  It simply can't swing that much voltage. 
    Can  you post some pics of it?  I was tempted but I have way too many amps as it is... [​IMG]
  10. davidsh
    Normal Bias flat wire Sigma owner reporting in [​IMG] 
  11. Jonathan66100
    Have good listening : )
  12. davidsh
    I quite like it, bringing down 100-200 Hz by a couple of dBs using EQ also helps make the sound more balanced by the way.
  13. Jonathan66100
    it's good to know : ) but i  can't verified because I have no sigma now.
  14. hey-cameron
    Can any owners out there recommend where to get ear-pads to use with Sigmas? I've emailed Electromod and Audiocubes, and both say "no longer made / not available". They look to be the same size as SR-303 / SR-404 ear-pads, but I do recall reading in a thread that the Sigmas ear-pads were shaped differently. Can anyone chime-in with recommendations?
  15. davidsh
    I suppose any Stax earpads from the lambda series would do.
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