Stax Sigma - how many owners are left out there?

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by takeanidea, May 11, 2013.
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  1. John Buchanan
    You can use any Lambda ear pads - they fit, but they don't allow the ear speakers to sit at exactly the same angle to your head as using the Sigma pads, as the Sigma pads aren't undulating. It didn't seem to make a great deal of difference. The angles Lambda ear pads fitted my head a little better than the Sigma, pads, although there wasn't a great deal of difference.
  2. davidsh
    The pads on my sigma are really flat black pads. Not sure if they are the original pads or not.
  3. rx79ez08
    The pad of a Sigma is a few mm shorter than those in a Lambda (at least the current generation one).
    It might cause you some problem with double sided tape provided, but otherwise it should fit.
  4. Jonathan66100
    Hi All,
    They are certainly very flat because there are old.
    So, they must be certainly original : ) 
    Change the ear pad can  maybe improve the bass because may be the earpad would stick better to your ear, but this is not certain.
  5. John Buchanan
    That sounds about right - no contouring as per the Lambda pads.
  6. twinge
    Maybe I'm crazy but I've got Sigmas today... Almost for 1400USD :) But they are in mint condition in original pack and still in plastic bag. As I can see serial is: #05785 but they are looks like Normal Bias in my opinion (grill color, stand and pack are the same that I saw previously with normal bias versions). Am I wrong?
    Here are some of photos:
    Sigma_1.jpg Sigma_2.jpg Sigma_3.jpg Sigma_4.jpg

    So what do you think? Am I nuts? :)
  7. JimL11
    It's very simple. If the plug has 6 prongs it is normal bias, if it has 5 prongs it's pro bias.
  8. twinge
    I think this is 2-nd version of Normal Bias from 1987 because serial number is big and it still have a grey grill (Pro bias had a black grills).

    Seller wrote to me that it's 6-pin version with flat black cable. So it's definitely 1987 late version!

    As I know that version had wider freq response than previous?
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  9. VGoghs earfrmsc
    Hi I own stax sigma normal bias serial 5241, which is in good condition. It has the SRD-7sbmkii adaptor to go with it. I was wondering if the adaptor was detrimental to the sound, given the simplicity of its circuits. Not that I'm unhappy with the sound that the Affordable Valve Company's Class A EL34 Valve Amplifier makes when used as amp with it. The speed and dynamics is so much better than the stax srs-007 ii set and the vocals something else. Not the best sound out there but it has its uniqueness that I don't want to lose.
  10. twinge
    I have an Woo WEE energizer with simple single-ended amp on 6L6 output tubes (only 8 watt output). Normal Bias Sigmas works near perfectly with this combo!

    And I have a question: now I have a second pair of SR-Sigma Normal bias and I have two options:
    1) To swap drivers from Airbow SC-1 into Sigmas
    2) To swap drivers from new SR-L700 into Sigmas

    I love the sound stage of Sigmas and want ta make some kind of "Top-End" version of them...

    Any suggestions?
  11. rx79ez08
    Don't think a L700 element will fit. The Last series elements all are in a rectangular shaped self contained package with the dust filter, which is different to the previous elements.
  12. twinge
    Actually I think this is a not a big problem. I have a precise milling machine so I can make an adapted or cut "package" edges to fit. Only I'm nervous about is depth of L700 drivers package. But I know that someone fits SR-507 drivers into Sigmas cups!
  13. Ryman86
    Seeing all these posts, it makes me very thankful that I am lucky enough to own a NB Sigma in working condition. These being such unique headphones that are no longer in production, it's sad to see time march on and the supply get more and more limited. I really would like to see Stax revisit the Sigma--however unlikely--and incorporate what they have learned from subsequent designs. Until that day comes, I will take care of my Sigmas as best I can and keep a look out for the Pro version, which I would like to try.
  14. schorsch
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