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Sony XBA-N3AP and XBA-N1AP — Impressions thread

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  1. Reeshar
    Personally I didn't get on with any of the Sony tips provided with the N3s. I'm more used to the conventional memory foam tips from companies such as Comply, but I don't get any sense that price is a good guide to the ones that fit best. In fact I found some really cheap small tips on Amazon that sit really well in my relatively small ear canals:


    The 4.5mm tips fit the N3s perfectly (the N3s are 5mm in diameter), and the small size tips seal well in my ears and are very comfortable.
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  2. Reeshar
    The biggest step in improvement is going from unbalanced to balanced which is a complete change in how headphones/earphones are driven - and there are many aftermarket balanced cables out there that will give you that significant sound improvement. After that you are potentially going to get a very marginal improvement in switching between individual cables. I'd venture next-to-no improvement because I'm not a head-fi purist where the best possible sound comes from cables woven of superfine strands of uni-directional gold. :-D

    Perhaps think as well about lightness and flexibility if those things matter to you. The other factor to consider is whether the cable comes out of the plug in-line with the plug or perpendicular to the plug.

    Personally I use this aftermarket balanced cable but you can get cheaper (and much more expensive) options:


    with MMCX connectors and a 4.4mm tip.

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  3. jamor
    I was considering getting the JVC Spiral Dot. Any better than the stock Sony's?
    Last edited: May 16, 2019
  4. jamor
    Definitely the best sounding IEMs ive ever owned. Its like having the fostex thx00 in earbud form so with these, fostex, and my sennheiser hd650 I'm sitting real pretty in Summit Fi.
  5. Raketen
    Wider bore tips seem to brighten the upper mid/treble a bit, which can be good or bad depending on your ear fit & preferences. Personally I generally prefer w/ the medium Sony tips, but sometimes I'll use some small wide bores (to get a slightly deeper fit). Spiral Dots are good tips but if you already have some wide bores that fit they should have a similar effect.
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  6. DrKrFfXx
    I want to try some foam tips from either Dekoni or Comply, anyone know which one fits the N3's nozzle size?
  7. Vitandus
    Comply makes a set just for them.
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  8. Reeshar
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  9. Reeshar
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  10. Lohb
    Which of the spinfit series fit them also ?
    Thanks in advance.

    ....or are 'best' for them if they all fit the nozzle. :wink:
  11. Lohb
    They share a bit of the style of LCD2CB as well ! 2CB just a bit hotter in the treble region in areas..Told my friend to buy N3 as he could not afford 2CB at the time.

    Between N1 and N3 I think I've owned them 4/5 times, as I just drift back to them after getting sucked in to the next shiny new release hybrid. N3 all the way though now, as N1 were a good taster of the house sound of the series...worth dropping the extra on N3.
    Last edited: May 21, 2019
  12. DrKrFfXx
    Thanks for the suggestions, everyone. I'm gonna order some TS200 in that case. I got used to the feeling of the Shure olives, I find the silicon tips not so confortable. Hope the audio doesn't change much, or at all.

    On a side note, I had a rather long train these days and finally had the chance to auditio these o a long session. And god oh god these are so good for metal. I don't have a ton of headphones on my arsenal, but these are definitively the more "speedy" ones I have and it shows.

    I wonder how these compare to the FiiO FH5, still, as I was torn between the N3 and FH5, and probably still am.
    Last edited: May 22, 2019
  13. DrKrFfXx
    I installed the comply TS200 tips and was mildly disapointed by the change in sound quality for the worse.

    The bass becomes too prominent and uncontrolled, and it bleeds into the mids. It loses microdetail and air.

    A shame becase the fit and confort of the Comply tips is far, far superior.
  14. konstructa
    The TS200 take a couple hours to break in as initially the treble does seem slightly duller. There is a sweat-spot that makes me keep buying the tips every month but I am hoping "tip technology" improves at Sony. The bass is superior with the TS200's however I listen all techno/bass music..
  15. konstructa
    Does anybody have a link to the balanced cable that can be delivered to the US? Im not being lazy but rather hesitant to buy a 3rd party cable that someone has not verified as working.
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