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Sony XBA-N3AP and XBA-N1AP — Impressions thread

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  1. aisalen
    At last, i got my N3BP and now listening to it, the SQ is nice. I just find the bass little light, probably because of the tip. Will try replacing the tip with my favorite spiral dot and will see.
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  2. macieqq
    I have been looking for my first IEM recently and I couldn’t decide between N3 and FA E5000. I have finally pulled a trigger on N3 and now I wait on their arrival.

    However, I couldn’t find any information about the difference between N3AP and N3BP. Could someone help me out here?
  3. Slaphead
    The N3AP comes with a standard single ended cable with a stop/start cable remote, plus a microphone for taking calls, and will work with anything.

    The N3BP comes with a balanced cable which can only be used with those DAPs that offer a compatible balanced output.

    The actual ear pieces are exactly the same and are compatible with both types of cable, which can be used interchangeably.
    Last edited: Apr 26, 2019
  4. macieqq
    Thanks. Do these cables affect sound quality in any way?

    I will be using my phone as a source and thankfully I have purchased the AP version (only this one is available where I live).
  5. Leetransform25
    I can tell you that it'll sound much better with the balanced cable when using a Sony DAP. If you're going to use a phone just stick with the standard cable, as balanced terminates in 4.4 which is only available on mostly Sony players.
  6. macieqq
    Cheers. In this case I will stick to the standard cable as I do not plan on buying a DAP any time soon.

    However, are there any third party cables worth buying which could be used instead of the standard one?
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  7. Leetransform25
    This cable isn't third party, but Sony does have an aftermarket cable that's braided and likely of better quality overall. The one you'd want to get is probably the MUC-M12SM2. Their best aftermarket cables are the Kimber Kable ones, but those only come in 4.4mm.
  8. macieqq
    Holy cow, didn’t expect it to cost so much. Can’t find it locally anyway. Guess I will look for something else when the time comes. Thank you once again!
  9. DrKrFfXx
    I just acquired a pair of N3's. They remind me a bit of the Sennheiser Momentum, with more sparkle to them.

    They sound very natural to me from the first moment, usually, with new gear, I immediatly find something out of place compared to what I'm used to, not with these, which is a good thing.

    I read someone comparing them to HD650, I wouldn't go as far. But Momentum level, for sure.

    They sound lovely, lush, laid back out of my Walkman A35. Out of a Cayin N3 they gain weight and punch, but also more sparkle, which is something I'm not all pleased. But there is more definition also.

    I also tried a Shure over the ear cable I had lying around, I think I prefer that over the ear configuration better, Shure cable seems sturdier too.
    Last edited: May 7, 2019
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  10. jamor
    Got my N3s. Sound amazing but I'm so bummed that these amazing Sony tips are so damn big. Smallest is just a hair too big. I can create a seal and hold but it takes a lot of pushing. One little tug and it's out.

    What are my options for most similar EQ? Is the Comply tip going to be a downgrade?
  11. kova4a
    If you're talking about the standard silicone hybrid tip then you can try finding a pack of sony hybrids like this one as it has SS size tips inside
    If you're talking about the sony triple comfort tips then unfortunately you're out of lucks as only the sony ier m7/m9 have more sizes included.

    I still can't comprehend Sony's strategy about their tips. They obviously have the means and produce both the hybrid and the triple comfort tips in more sizes and int would cost them close to nothing to include all the sizes with all their products ans yet the don't. They don't even sell them separately/ As if getting a goof fit and seal is a premium feature.
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  12. jamor
    Seems you can't even find these ear tips anymore - and the better ones don't come in XS? Weird. I love the sound but I might have to return these to Amazon. I wasn't buying these as a mod or a project especially at $300. I love Sony and I have the A45 walkman so it is a fun combo but just a buzz kill not being able to keep them in your ears.

  13. kova4a
    Well, apparently the newer packages are called Sony ep-ex11 and these seem to be available online and also in separate sizes, so you can just buy a pack of the size you want
  14. aisalen
    I am using spiral dot on mine as I do not want the included tips with N3, I am also wearing the wire hanging around on my ear to avoid getting out the iem from my ear.
  15. Lohb
    I found from more than 20 sets of IEMs over last 3 years the N1/N3 were the best at just staying in the ear hanging down...they are featherweight.
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