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Sony XBA-N3AP and XBA-N1AP — Impressions thread

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  1. ac70
    I like bas, soundstage and details with this. For metal this is not perfect (guitar with distortion sound a little bit backwards), I use ie80 for metal.

    Are they any tiny IEM I can sleep on side with, some with same great bas and soundstage like N3? Even better with cable straight down but I can use one with hook (I use now ie80 and Creative ep 630 to sleep with). I should like one with same sound like N3 but tiny one, hybrid if that is possible. It is hard to achieve this sound in tiny package but maybe there is some. Thanks for advice.
  2. Vitandus
    Not tiny, but the FiiO FH5 IEMs fit so you can lay on your side.
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  3. ac70
    They seems to be a little bulkier, more than ie80 I used now, I´m not sure if I can lay on side with. How is sound compared to N3, bas and soundstage?
  4. monsieurfromag3
    Have you considered your national Jays? The Q-Jays are absolutely tiny. A bit treble-heavy though, it’s more of a balanced-armature tuning. Should help with the soundstage, and from memory the bass is not anemic. But it may not be ideal for sleeping - unless it’s Mörk Gryning that lulls you to sleep :ksc75smile:
  5. ac70
    I have a q-jays and this are tiny but too much analytical, bass is low, boring, and I´m not happy with this, not good to sleep with either..
    I tried xelento, god sound but not engaging, it was boring too, god for classic but not for metal..
    beyerdynamic soul byrd was not good musically and not for sleep either, even if this is build for it..
    sound with N3 is wonderful but not a comfort to sleep with, Creative is super comfort to sleep but not soundwise... so some mixture of this two, some IEM whose has a both :) maybe it is impossible
    Last edited: Mar 29, 2019
  6. ludios
    I bought an XBA-N3AP as an upgrade from my ATH-IM70 (a $100 2DD), which I used heavily for 4.5 years. The treble on my ATH-IM70 seemed to have attenuated after a few years (comparing to a less-used pair), but I preferred it that way, so I looked for a replacement with more bass & no vents because I need isolation.

    The 4-pole TRRS connector here was a surprise because I wasn't paying much attention to the mic. I wonder if the user who reported grossly insufficient bass plugged this in all the way into a 3-pole TRS.

    Initial impressions were: the dynamic driver sounded just right, the BA had too much treble. But then I got used to it in 10 minutes and started to really appreciate the extra detail. I am very sensitive to treble, but the treble here doesn't seem to bother my ears.

    I listened to a bunch of bassy and treble-y electronic tracks, then some vocals, and didn't hear any major problems that would warrant returning them. If there is some kind of midrange or crossover deficiency, I did not notice. The sound quality here feels very appropriate for the price.

    The comfort here really helps justify the purchase. XBA-N3AP is just very light and unobtrusive in the ears. I was also worried that I wouldn't be able to cable the stock cable over my ears, but the up orientation seems to work just fine, even if the cable is prone to slipping off the ears because no wire. I have no desire to stick the ATH- into my ears ever again.

    Update after a week:

    I replaced the triple comfort tips with Comply T-200, which I like a lot more, but I've been using Comply Isolation for a long time. I like the N3AP stock cable because it's very flexible and works in the over-ear configuration after moving the collar up. I have no problems with the treble. The bass hump (and sometimes boominess) was more of a problem, so I started using EQ in foobar2000 to reduce the bass. This is the only real flaw for me (though not a dealbreaker), so I might eventually look for something with a flatter response curve. When biking, wind noise is present but greatly (~2x?) reduced compared to ATH-IM, which I appreciate.
    Last edited: Apr 8, 2019
  7. Lohb
    What is your source DAP for your impressions ?
  8. Raketen
    I wouldn't recommend it because of the price difference and because it's a fair bit brighter (sort of like q-jays with N3 bass- in terms of overall brightness I mean, the actual treble tuning is different than jays), but Dunu 4001 is a smallish hybrid with a negative profile (at least should be if you can wear wide nozzle IEM). Supposedly they will be re-designing the 3001 and another lower price model into this same shell design, may be worth researching whenever they are released.
    Last edited: Apr 9, 2019
  9. ludios
    I had it attached with a long cable to the Realtek ALC892 in my Asus Z97-A, which I assume is a good DAC (e.g. it has no hiss whatsoever). I will update my post in a few days comparing ~5 source devices.
  10. Raketen
    IMO one of best features of N3 is that they dont' seem especially picky about sources.
  11. udesign48
    I confirm Audio Technica CKR10 has 95% sound of N3AP.

    CKR10 is better than XBA-A2 and XBA-A3. I sold both A2 and A3. I'll never buy them again.

    CKR10 makes more sense but it doesn't come with MMCX... I'll mod CKR10 with MMCX adapters.
  12. F700
  13. Leetransform25
    Can anyone who's used two or all three of these cables (stock N3BP cable, M12NB1, and M12SB1) share the SQ differences between them? I'm curious as to how they all compare up against one another.
    Last edited: Apr 19, 2019
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  14. udesign48
    Sony MUC cable is way better. Stock cables are low quality... I recommend you to get a MUC cable.. balanced ones are amazing.
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  15. Wiz33

    I have all 3 and I use the M12NB1 on the N3 and the M12SB1 on my Z5, I think the M12NB1 is good enough if you're using the ZX300 on the go. The tiny bit of difference between 2 Sony cables will probably be only noticeable in a quite environment that's why I use the M12NB1 with the Z5/PHA-2A combo at home .
    Last edited: Apr 19, 2019
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