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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by gerelmx1986, Mar 14, 2015.
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  1. NoMythsAudio
    Do walkmans support reading images from folder.jpg in album folders? Because if it does, best option will just be to strip all my music files of images rather than having to convert progressive to baseline for 10,000 tracks.
  2. gerelmx1986

    No it does not, i tried and nope not on the A17, ZX100 nor WM1x
    But you can convert the image and then batch re-add the image with the option of "remove previous album art" checked in mp3tag
  3. NoMythsAudio
    And thanks for this thread too.
    Sony is crazy.
    I'm expecting nw-a35 next week as an interim/test kit to wm1a. If converting my files proves too much an effort I might ditch Sony all together and return to Android based DAPs. I have close to 1.5 Terabyte of music. I have enough headaches deciding which ones to leave behind while transferring to a DAP. I'm not looking forward to additional headaches of converting and re-embedding jpg for hundreds of albums.
  4. gerelmx1986
    I had this problema too but i did convert the images with Photoshop (just one image per álbum) and with mp3 tag i deleted all the jpgs frpm the files all together and did Actions (Quick) > Import Cover from file put the file name as Folder.jpg and it embedded in bathc mode, check the first few posts of this thread
  5. castleofargh Contributor

    for me on 2 A and one E series this changed everything BUT the euro volume limitation. I don't expect many people to check with test tone and multimeter so unless I'm the unluckiest guy in europe, I would assume that many people wishing the remove the volume reduction failed but just assume it worked because the info on the DAP shows the the language and settings did change.
    in my case, I had to install the latest firmware from the US after applying the rockbox hack for the volume to really go up.
    obviously my experience is too limited to say that everybody needs to reinstall a firmware from outside europe(firmware that refused to install on my DAP before the RB hack BTW). all I can suggest is to set the volume to a specific value and try to record something played on the DAP with no EQ no DSP, then apply the RB hack(or go back to euro setting if you already applied it) and repeat after checking it's the same volume level and no DSP is engaged in another country setting. that way people can just listen at the 2 recorded passages or look at peak values for the same loud moment, and find out if the volume level really changed.
    ps: I had no idea you kept updating this post, that's very nice of you and helpful to other users.
  6. gerelmx1986
    Yes i do update even when i have a newer walkman with new os, which also has its hiccups
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  7. jonathane40
    I'm currently using the NW-ZX100 and Content Transfer is quite slow and unreliable. I have been using finder for now. Is there any alternative to Media Go on the mac? I have looked at the following software (foobar2000, Roon, Swinisian, Mediamonkey, and Clementine) but i'm not sure if they would allow to transfer and organize the music on the NW-ZX100. Additionally I would like to find a way to get lyrics, gapless playback, and playlists to work!

    Anyone has any suggestions?
  8. dragonsix
    Hello community,

    I've bought A15 recently(sorry, I've searched this forum and this thread came up), however, I'm facing some problem,

    Firstly, the lyrics:
    Before using this DAP to enjoy music, I used to get along with my iPod touch, everything was so fine by the syncing, you downloaded it, Woah la, Songs in your iPod in the next morn, fully synced with lyrics appeared.
    Things seem isn't right with this. Content Transfer such a pain in the a**, however, I can stand it as long as the music worth it. But where is my lyrics?
    Googling many forums and I do understand that since the lyrics are displayed as "karaoke" so we need a separated *.lrc files or add with Media Go Manually, however? How could I add for 600 songs? While I have "Get lyrical" on Mac, this automatically adding lyrics to songs, very smooth.

    Secondly, the playlist:
    I don't know how to make a playlist on this Walkman, I've read posts above and know how to make a playlist on the computer with *.m3u formats, but it comes to "trouble" whenever I try to del or add more song to the playlist.

    Additionally, I've some problem with the Micro SD door, can't shut it close, and I asked the man in Sony center, you know what? Just remove the door seal rubber band and the door is good as new, a little confused here.

    Oh, furthermore, iPod sucks, I feel that walkman's better more.

    Thank U, have a good day <3
  9. gerelmx1986
    My walkman A14 SD lot door also failed this way, i couldn't shut it close and i decided to tear it away :D, i made playlist with mediago, using the m3u extension
  10. jonathane40
    Hi, I have the Sony NW-ZX100 and am having similar issues as you. I am using a mac so I can't use MediaGo. I have to rely on Finder and on Content Transfer (which is buggy and unreliable). I would also like to figure out a way to add lyrics and create playlists but haven't found a way.

    For lyrics, you are correct. The player requires .lrc files. I found a a free app for the Mac which will download the .lrc files of the songs you are playing on iTunes and will store them in the following path:
    /Users/username/Library/Application Support/LessLyrics/lyrics.lrcs/

    The program is called LessLyrics and the developer is ixhan.

    I have checked and the files are saved to that folder. However, I am not sure where in the Walkman I should save the files. Do they need to be in any specific folder or anywhere on the walkman? Can they be in the SD card or do they have to be stored in the main storage? These are all questions I haven't been able to figure out. Maybe somebody here can check and see where the Walkman stores the .lrc files.

    Other than that, I'm happy with the walkman and I think it sounds better than my iPod. It seems cleaner and more present! So for the moment I put up with these annoyances.

    In terms of playlists, I haven't really tried that hard but so far I haven't been able to make it work. I have even thought of installing Windows on my mac and just use MediaGo!

    One last annoyances is the lack of gapless playback if you are using a Mac. The manual says that if you use MediaGo, you can select gapless and it would somehow achieve this. However, Content Transfer on the Mac does not offer this option.

    Cheers and hope somebody on this forum can clear some of these questions!
  11. gerelmx1986
    i think mediaGo stores playlists in the root of the walkman memory
  12. Krutsch
    For playlists on a Mac, just create .m3u or .m3u8 playlists, relative to their location, and drop them into the MUSIC folder.

    For example:


    MUSIC/Artist/Album/01 - Track 1.flac

    ...w/ each entry in the .m3u looking like:

    Artist/Album/01 - Track 1.flac

    I do this with my A17 and it works great. A good tool for creating playlists with drag-and-drop: VOX for Mac. When you save your playlists, be sure to check the 'Relative' box and your playlists won't have the leading path for the storage device on your Mac.

    For gapless playback, my media files handle this just fine, but most of my collection of FLAC and MP3. Maybe you have some AAC files that don't work gaplessly on the Walkman.
  13. dragonsix
    As Krutsch mentioned before, you just simply open the *.m3u by text editor and change the files location(-tip: using cmd+f)
    After read your reply, I spend all day long searching for "automatic *.lrc creator tool", however, none of it worked(-both on windows and mac) I don't really know why people don't create program to download lrc files :confused:

    Have you guys find out any more solutions?
  14. Krutsch
    Just a note: if you try Vox for Mac, which is free, you don't need to manually edit your playlists. You can open existing playlists, or drag-and-drop files into a new playlist and just save it with relative paths - that's it.

    Then, drag-and-drop your playlists and music into the Walkman's MUSIC folder. Nothing could be easier.

    I tried using Sony's Content Transfer to export music from my iTunes collection, but it's painfully slow. If you use an external SD card, you can insert that directly into your Mac and copy files about a million times faster.
  15. dragonsix
    Heyy, It's me again, you guys still up there?

    I'm using Vox now, it's work well, however, new problem: Podcasts.

    Recently, I've some podcast to put on my Walkman, but, It doesn't sort.

    For Example, I have a podcast folder with files such as:

    Exp 1
    Exp 2
    Exp 3
    Exp 10
    (all converted name and id3tag perfectly, put on 'PODCAST' folders.)

    When I play, the list on my walkman appears as:
    Exp 1
    Exp 5
    Exp 6
    Exp 2

    I'm quite confused here since My folder contains more than 30 podcasts, so it's quite annoying, especially as a Language teacher, I can't keep wasting time to find the podcast.

    However, I realized that some folders have decent sort like:
    Exp2 1
    Exp2 2
    Exp2 3

    Is there any mistake that I've made? Help me, tks in advance.
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