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Sony NWZ-ZX1 - 35th Walkman Anniversary model

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by alpha10, Sep 9, 2013.
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  1. warrior1975
    Anyone have incredibly slow download speeds? Tethered to my Note 3 and tried a mobile Hotspot, just taking forever.

    I am thinking I'm going to make a new Gmail account so I don't have emails or hangouts blowing up all day.

    So far, it's definitely a beautiful device. Haven't heard it since setup is taking forever.

    I'm at work, trying to hear this unit, but wifi is just absolutely horrendous. Streaming doesn't work. It took literally, about 15 minutes to download SwiftKey. That's crazy... If it's this slow in wifi, I won't be able to stream. Am I the only one with this issue? Sucks, I can't listen to this device until I get home late tonight from work...

    NVM-Just read it's very limited, not 3g or 4g.
  2. Liono
    Hi, after trying this extra volume mod, and then re-enabling the Sound adjustment again after a reset, I realised that the clear bass adjustment works in a slightly different way with the software update. It now seems to cut the audio until you stopped making the adjustment. I'm sure before it made the adjustment on the fly..
  3. Timmey
    I don't have a zx1 I have a f887 and custom Roxanne's it powers them fine.
  4. Spamateur

    Great! Glad to hear it. Thanks for the reassurance.
  5. Freezera

    Did you use the "clearaudio+" future of the stock player? To compare? Because it's a big difference when you turn it off or on. Because when turned on poweramp doesn't even come close in my book. Using ie8 atm. Um Merlins are ordered.
  6. Vect

    That's something either ISP related or Android related, I haven't gotten around the cause of this. My connection is with 3 in uk and I have unlimited internet by cellphone, using the hot spot function of it everything works wonders... except for two things: 1.- my ps vita 2.- my f886. The solution I found to this is to use the Asus router RT-N56U, that uses the usb tethering of the phone and distributes it through the router, that way EVERYTHING works wonders :)
    warrior1975 likes this.
  7. warrior1975
    Thanks, I'll see when I get home. it's not that big of a deal, however I wanted to be able to stream Google play music when at work or outside walking around. If you don't use router, does it still work?
  8. satish89
    I ended up using an app called "MP3dit", it's free, and most importantly it is able to embed album art into the ID3 tag of the files themselves. I did use the one mentioned previously to start with, along with a few others I tried, but as someone who has struggled with this problem before and a bit of a techie, I already knew why they may not have worked to start with, which is because many of these apps simply download album art to the folder with the album in it, which is exactly the kind of album art Sony's stock player doesn't pick up it seems. Took some fiddling but I fixed it all up and I'm definitely hearing the difference, prefer stock player by miles now. And @Freezera I really didn't like clear audio + with poweramp, but it's quite good with the stock player actually. Not sure if I like the effect when used with my triple fi 10s, but it's definitely more of a positive steroid boost that the reviews talk about when used with the stock player.

    EDIT: MP3dit is crap, don't use it. Messed up my ID3 tags completely. Had success with an app called "AudioTagger", seems to do the trick for me.
  9. satish89
    When I'm at home on my proper WiFi, no troubles at all, however I've only been downloading apps like PowerAmp or cover art finders, I haven't tried streaming anything or using WiFi to transfer songs to it wirelessly. I'm more of a physical media kind of guy, so I've got all my music sitting on the SSD. Do a speed test with your Note 3, if you aren't getting very good speeds I imagine streaming would be difficult. I'll try tethering my Xperia Z Ultra to my ZX1 after work tonight on the way home, and see how I fare.
    warrior1975 likes this.
  10. jinque

    Heeey can you say what you think of the ZX1 vs Xperia Z Ultra? Clear+ on for both, if you use it. I have an ultra too.. not sure if the ZX1 is worth the price and carrying another device around. Thanks.
  11. satish89
    I recently posted about this here, following on from the review/thoughts of @eke2k6: http://www.head-fi.org/t/709479/multi-review-hifiman-hm901-fiio-x5-sony-zx1-hisound-studio-3rd-anv-iphone-4

    But the summary: it definitely sounds better (you'd hope so), you get those extra airy details, its got a brighter signature, and everything has more clarity and crispness, one person described the sound as "clinical" and I'd say that's not a bad description for the most part. However, I would say this: the Ultra I'm almost certain is not putting out the same level of SQ as the iPhone 4 that the review above compares the ZX1 to, so the improvement in SQ from Ultra -> ZX1 was pretty decent to my ears.
    Now, how much that next level of detail is worth to you based purely on SQ alone is really up to you, I got a pretty good deal on my ZX1 and I am still not 100% about the value, but I'm new to this and not used to the expenditure/SQ return ratios (and also not very good with my terminology yet [​IMG]). As I said in my post on the thread linked above, everyone has their own perception of value, how they quantify SQ improvements and how much those are worth to them. Admittedly, the more I use the ZX1, the happier I am with my purchase and the easier the argument to buy it becomes to make, but that could just be bias because I own one and want to justify the purchase to myself [​IMG] The sound with ClearAudio+ on the ZX1 is pretty full on,  I'll compare the Ultra with ClearAudio+ later and post my thoughts (I've never used the ClearAudio+ setting on my Ultra).
  12. warrior1975

    Thanks. I'm getting 4g plus 4 bars on my Note. It was showing great speed. I'm hoping it works at home, because right now I can't download anything, like I said took 15+ mins for SwiftKey.
  13. Vect
    Only some services on the vita and on the F886 don't work, using the browser for example works.

    I have the F886 and the xperia z ultra, the F886 is already very good compared to the z ultra in audio, now coupled with the pha2 becomes even better...
  14. satish89
    I tried it out just then for fun, even though reception in my office is pretty crap, I'm currently downloading SwiftKey at about 300kb/sec, which isn't great but it's only taken about a minute to download. It could be something to do with the Note 3 and its tethering ability, but before I draw any conclusions like that I'll test it again when I have better reception and update you. But for now, my initial thoughts are that it works OK based on the reception I've got here (3G - H+, 2 bars).
  15. warrior1975
    Definitely something weird. I also tried on a mobile Hotspot, 4g. Same deal. I'm leaving work, be home shortly to play around with it.

    Oddly enough it worked at home, was streaming google play music. Copying my iTunes music now.

    Sounded very nice for streaming, very clear. I liked it a lot. I hooked up my Intruder amp for a brief minute, sounded much more bass intense, but not as crisp. I'm hoping I like the sound signature of these two devices together, especially since I have a TWAU cable coming. I'm hoping the balanced cable really makes a big difference like I've read. Regardless, I currently fell in love with this unit. I'm happy. I have to work on a nice case, maybe something clear to show off the aluminum.
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