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Sony NW-ZX300

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by riotgrrl, Jul 10, 2017.
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  1. purk Contributor
    This adapter allow Sony DAPs able to receive digital input signal from other portable source with microUSB output and turn it into a DAC/amp. It also charges your DAP.
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  2. rgr555
    do you know how the 660 S compares with the mdr-1am2? I'm assuming the 660 S pairs fine with ZX300 in 4.4 high gain?
  3. Joaqu2n
    92 dBmW / 150 Ohms vs 98 dBmW / 16 Ohms. I think that the HD660s can be heard reasonably well with the ZX300, but impossible to take advantage of the full potential of the HD660s with its low output power (200mW + 200mW at 16 Ohms). However, the 1AM2 sounds incredible, it seems that they are designed specifically for the ZX300.
  4. rgr555
    yea im wondering what the best upgrade would be for the zx300 coming from a mdr-1am2. if its not an upgrade in every aspect i wouldn't do it though.
  5. Joaqu2n
    High-end headphones with low impedance (30 Ohms or less) and high sensitivity (around 100 dBmW). I can think of the Final Sonorous, Denon AH or Fostex TH ...
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  6. rgr555
    Any of you guys leave the screen always on? I'm thinking of doing that for DAC mode since I can access the volume much easier. It would be always charging in DAC mode, just worried if it hurts the screen in the long run.
  7. nocturaline
    I've never listened to the 1am2, so I can't answer that question, sorry. However, I can say that the ZX300 drives the 600 S beautifully and with ease. On modern recordings, I'm at 65 in balanced mode and high gain. The 660 S sounds better on the ZX300 than it would on a big desktop tube amp. I must admit the 650 does a better job when it comes to tube amps. The 660 S is definitely made for portable gear.
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  8. Hinomotocho
    I ended up with the Denon D5200 because I wanted closed back, but tried the HD660S and thought they sounded really nice balanced from the ZX300. If it wasn't for the sound leakage of the design it would have been a tough call. I never liked the HD650 as they need a lot to sound decent, but the HD660S are a great move for Sennheiser fans using daps.
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  9. FrankieZappa

    Precisely my setup.... I have the 1am2 as well and it's a good combination...
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  10. Audiophile2019
    Basically I agree with you.. My setup is essentially the same - ZX300 with MDR-1AM2 or ATH-MSR7b.. Both headphones have their advantages & shortcomings.. In other words, they complement each other..
    As far as sound signature is concerned, MDR-1AM2 has very good low bass but lacks in vocals - so here I'll have to tweak EQ a bit in mids & low treble..
    However ATH-MSR7b has good mids (ie vocal forward) but bass is not as strong as MDR-1AM2 which is fine to me because that's more natural.. IMHO ATH-MSR7b is the best headphone in USD600 and below category (so much better than Sony MDR-Z7M2, 3 times its price).. Hence I have separate EQ setting for each of these headphones..
    As for product design, MDR-1AM2 is definitely better built & much lighter - more suitable when I lay down on my pillow during sleep..
    ATH-MSR7b on the other hand, is more bulky & makes squeaky sound when you move it or adjust your ear setting, etc - so not suitable for sleeping..
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  11. Joaqu2n
    The MSR7b suffers from lack of bass on the ZX300, however when I connect it to my iFi Micro iDAC2 the sound is more balanced and the bass has more punch. This leads me to think that the ZX300 does not offer enough output power to get 100% performance to the MSR7b, although they are heard enough with a slight bass equalization.

    On the other hand, the MDR-1AM2 offers the same quality on the ZX300 and on the iDAC2, also at low frequencies.
  12. autosleeper
    Been using my ZX300 with the Senny PXC550 these past few days as I’ve injured me ear hole and can’t insert my Xelentos. The sound is good but compared to my iPhone I get loads of dropouts: is the ZX300 not great with the Bluetooth connection then? I’m using connection preferred LDAC,
  13. ailean
    My Senn MTWs tend to need the ZX300 worn on the same side as the receiver, on those it's in the right ear so right hand pockets work best for me (I've had to do similar things with Fiios, iPhones and other BT headphones before). I'm using aptX as the MTWs don't have LDAC, I think LDAC needs more bandwidth so may be more demanding on signal strength. The iPhone alas doesn't do aptX or LDAC so hard to compare performance due to differences in the signal strength/bandwidth of the connection.

    I have used the ZX300/MTW combo while moving around a busy EM filled data centre with the ZX300 still in my jacket at the main door and even with all that electronics, steel and BT unfriendly stuff in the way it's held up well. :)
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  14. rgr555
    Need some recommendations for IEMs as I dont like using the sony mdr-1am2 out.

    I have DUNU 1000 which still sound great with the zx300 but the cables went stiff.
    -any recommendations on cable replacement service? will balanced cable help any? Volume seems fine.
    -should I just use that money toward a new IEM, if so, I'm looking for a value buy with a definite increase in SQ
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2019
  15. DeBilbao
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