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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Nov 16, 2014.
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    I was under the impression higher priced iems required more power and more volume.i had a westone 4R and that needed an amp to bring out the best of it.
  2. audioxxx

    What's the initial feelings compared to zx2?
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  3. rookie2009

    What this guy said!! I want to know also... [​IMG]
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  4. cjpinner
    I've never tried the 4R but I tried the W40 in store before going all in for the W60 and it wasn't even close, the resolution of the W60's were just so much more balanced and detailed. 
    I'll admit I was at a vinyl shop in town and plugged the headphones into the listening station to try out some albums and noticed a big jump in attack plugged into the full sized yamaha amp. That's definitely worth experimenting with.
  5. cjpinner
    +1 I'm definitely interested in this unit as well, it's more of a want than a need, still curious.
  6. audioxxx
    I have found a special pairing for the Sony.

    The Solar Iem's with 2.98 gold and silver cable and the ZX2 are a perfect match, even in trs (as it came) I am blown away with this rig now.
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  7. Caruryn
    Well,3 ZX2 owners sold it once they heard DP X1  balanced,so it will at least sound as good if not better so don't take it too hard if Whitigir agrees with the rest [​IMG].
  8. rookie2009

    Yea,the sound aspect has been positive thus far..I like my ZX2 though,mainly because part of the headphone jack never falls off [​IMG] (touches wood)
  9. Whitigir

    Now...I am testing both on it highest performance standards as I can :D

    Zx2: TRRS balanced, th900, Poweramp alpha
    Dpx1: TRRS balanced, th900, Poweramp alpha

    Initial verdict ? Not yet, give me a bit more lol...I was barely testing this distortion with 3rd party app on Onkyo player.
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  10. audioxxx
    Just a quick pic of this killer rig....
    The Solar is highly recommended to all zx2 owners, I have never heard such incredible high resolution in sound. 
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  11. rookie2009

    I'll second that..really nice pairing!!
  12. Caruryn
    Σωτήρη,ώρα να πουλήσεις τα Κ3003, για τα  solar δε σε βλέπω να κοιμάσαι αλλιώς [​IMG]
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  13. proedros
    if the K3s sell  i may buy solar yes , but for now the upgraditis is cool 
  14. Whitigir
    Well, here is what I found...the DP-X1 3rd party app has no access to the dual DAC on DP-X1...only stock player can...I tried Poweramp alpha, while it did alright at first, I tried to switch the modes like gains...etc...and it started to be uncontrollable, clipping...stuttering, getting louder, smaller...etc...all acting very weird..... Like it was haunted and possessed by an evil spirit....arggg
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  15. Caruryn
    I'm observing the DP X1 thread and the socket issue you guys are having.That's why it does not pay to be an early adopter on anything  despite the hype in sound as the quality issues would be a deal braker for me and many others.Same with the qp1r wheel which is getting on nerves of many owners even though no quality issues observed there.
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