1. BrockSamson

    Macbook Pro or Android dual output to headphones + Buttkicker

    I want to get a 2nd audio setup for the office. Source would be Spotify premium via a Macbook Pro and/or possibly an Android phone. The issue is that I want a Buttkicker in the mix which kinda throws a wrench into normal way of connecting everything. I see 3 obvious solutions but I'm not sure...
  2. D

    Tips on everyday wireless IEM/earbuds (~$350)

    Hi folks, First time poster from Sweden. I’m looking to purchase my first wireless earbuds (is it called canalphones? The closed, passive noise isolating types.), and I’m looking for something that hopefully will satisfy my needs. I’ve been trying to read up on this tech, but it’s overwhelming...
  3. deco cat

    iTunes power-up: Audirvana+ vs BitPerfect

    I would like to continue using iTunes. And I'm undecided between using A + in iTunes-integrated mode (but how bad is the skin? Is it possible change it?) Or BitPerfect .. what do you recommend? My setup is Macbook Pro, Dragonfly Red and He-400i. I'm testing A + and I noticed that the sound is...
  4. jurumal

    Sample Rate Output on MacBook Pro

    So I was changing the output sample rate on my MacBook Pro in the Audio Midi Setup when I thought, do I always have to manually change the output to the song's corresponding sample rate to properly enjoy my music? The DAC doesn't automatically switch to the proper sample rate? What happens if...
  5. leylandi


              Memory capacity 128 GB External memory microSD (card not included) Key features High-Resolution Audio playback, S-Master HX Digital Amplifier, DSEE HX (Digital Sound Enhancement Engine), ClearAudio+, Clear Bass, Equaliser, VPT, one-touch listening via NFC and Bluetooth®...