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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Nov 16, 2014.
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  1. 329161

    Someone posted some measurements of various android players in the Fiio x7 thread. The Onkyo was rolled off at the highs. Poweramp was even worse. The flattest was the stock Fiio player. Just saying. Hibyplayer was flat....not sure if you can listen to hidef with that though. Not sure what the measurements for UAPP are.
    I like the stock player on the ZX1 if that means anything to anyone.

    Oh, and Neutron player was flat as well.
  2. fiascogarcia
    Yeah, I've run into this with a ZX1 (same UI, right?).  I understand it's an Android restriction, not the Sony digital out hardware.
  3. clkt
    Question: So with the Onkyo player I can just ignore your ultimate resolution? :p
  4. Whitigir

    Actually, no...just as long as sound adjustment app can bring into effects on the Onkyo player, you will have the gimped off sound from the app itself that will also affecting the Onkyo player. So in a sense.

    1/disable the sound adjustment app, and make sure that it is disabled
    2/use Onkyo player or stock player or Gonemad player...all 3 works beautifully
  5. clkt
    Thanks for the heads-up! Will definitely look it up. I'm getting my ZX-2 next week and really excited about it. Been a silent reader on this thread and finally decided to create an account.
  6. 329161
    I always thought different media players sounded better than others. I always didn't like Poweramp much, but thought it might have been the gui playing with my head. Those measurements are kinda confirming my suspicions...
  7. salavat
    So, it has been a year since ZX2 was launched. Not a single firmware update :frowning2: I am not advocating frequent firmware updates, but I doubt that ZX2 is perfect, so it does not require any further updates.
    I am really surprised also to hear the reaction to my posts regarding stream services on ZX2. There was no intent to use streamed music as a main source, but ability to listen to new music on fly seems to be valuable to me. I do not even remember how many times I found new great music just listening to iTunes radio. I think that quickly try suggested album is a great thing, so that if you like the music you can get hi-res version of it to enjoy full quality of playback...
    TIDAL does not work in my country, probably Qobuz can, but what is the point if I have paid subscription for Apple Music, which is much bigger than anything else? It is just for trying music, not really listening.. I do not understand why Sony stuck to 4.2.2 version, whereas obviously ZX2 can be upgraded to more modern versions of Android..
    iPhone is not an option, since I do not like sound quality of output, even with Angies attached.
    Rumors are that Apple will be launching hi res streaming this year, it is a shame if ZX2 still will not be capable of complying to outdated 4.3 version of Android.
    Just my 2 cents. 
  8. Whitigir

    No, you are correct, different players app has different sounds...errggg...not exactly different sound, but some sounds better than others. It depends on the devices also. But it seems you are a technical number and science kind of fellow, I will just leave it here that I am in agreement with you regarding the different app. I like Onkyo HF player and then Gonemad player on zx2. Not much of a stock app guy

    Onkyo HF player purchased version can also up convert to DSD feeding the mojo from my note 4, or raw 24/96 to mojo...which is nice :D. Time to get some serious analyzing

    Btw, before all the apps can show it colors and natures, I recommend you to at least explore TRRS option from the Zx2
  9. Whitigir

    I agree with you, and it seems zx2 really need a firmware update....however, smartphone with Mojo ? Why not ? It is damn good
  10. salavat

    Yes, that is an option. But kind a awkward one ))
  11. 329161
    Yeah, it's weird, digital is digital is digital. Why would one app play it better than others? And when I say "better " I mean uncoloured.
  12. Whitigir
    Algorithm and the way the software decode it ? I don't know...m not a software engineer
  13. 329161
    Obviously you're right, but digital audio is an all or nothing proposition. It should be either perfect or , if it's not, then it's distortion. I would've thought it would be simple to play audio flatly from a software point of view. I'm no software engineer either (obviously).
  14. clkt
    What about from a hardware point of view? They do play an important role in reproducing music/sound signatures etc.
  15. 329161
    Of course. That's really the holy grail for DAC, amp, and speaker/ headphone design. A perfectly flat frequency response. That's high fidelity. It means you're not introducing frequency boosts or dips to what you're listening to. That is how the recording is meant to be heard.
    But having said all that, I'd still rather listen to old crackly vinyl than a brand new cd. But that's another story.
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