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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
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  1. Sarnia
    Perhaps timbre is a better word to describe it than warmth. And yes, organic works for me too.
  2. shigzeo Contributor
  3. HiFiGuy528
    Can someone tell me where to get that screw-on adapter for Sony EX series IEM?
  4. blazinblazin
    Thats a nice album.
  5. Quadfather

    I will answer my own question, since my balanced ALO 4.4mm cable arrived. The Shure SE846s sound much better using the balanced connection. Better detail, stage width, etc. It is a joy. I love the 846/NW-WM1A combo in balanced.
  6. rhull1973
    One great thing about the dap is that it correctly sorts multi disc albums. I use dapper for OSX.
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  7. nc8000 Contributor

    Linum SuperBax reterminated to 4.4 mm with my over 7 years old original JH13 (my best purchase ever)
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  8. Whitigir
    Nice shot! I am glad seeing people adopting into Balanced out more :). It is awesome, and wm1Z has always impressed me
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  9. Quadfather
    My Lotoo Paw Gold Diana will not be recognized by my computer until I power it on. It has to have charge left to be recognized, or plugged into the separate charger connection simultaneously.
  10. kms108
    Either go direct too china and search for it, which is impossible, as I've tried, your only hope is find it in Taobao.cn , and use a taobao agent and help purchase it if you don't live in Hong Kong. China or macau.
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  11. kms108
    same as me, even those minor scratches will get to me, this is also for other stuff, even phones.:triportsad:
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  12. Quadfather
    Imperfections in audio equipment drive me mad! Phones too. I drive a beater because scratches on a new car would be unnerving.
  13. nc8000 Contributor
    Yep. I had actually been balanced almost from the first day as I had a trrs to trrrs adapter to go with my TWau cable from Whiplash but going without adapter is cleaner
  14. Quadfather
    I just did a little A-B listening between the Sony NW-WM1A and the Questyle QP1R. I find the Questyle to have a substantially more spacious soundstage. The QP1R also has nicer detail, separation, and sounds more natural. Both players are not the least bit fatiguing. The listening was done on 3.5mm SE, with Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7GMs. The Sony opens up a lot using my Shure SE846s in balanced mode; it will be interesting to see how both these players stack up if I can get a balanced cable for my Shure SRH1540 headphones. The QP1R has the definite advantage in sound quality in SE. Having said all this, I am still in awe of the Sony NW-WM1A! It is a very nice sounding DAP, and I just got 34 hours on the battery on the first go-around with 44.1khz/16 bit ALAC files. I am keeping them both...and my Lotoo Paw Gold Diana! I am becoming a DAP hoarder. Sony's user interface, artist thumbnail scroll, and album art display is miles ahead of ANY DAP Ihave used...including iPods.
    Last edited: Jul 26, 2017
  15. blazinblazin
    Still long way to go till 500hrs.
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